15 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment – Be your own boss!

The pandemic has affected our lives and how businesses work. However, it also created new opportunities. Here are 15 small business ideas with a low investment you can start today. 

Who doesn’t want to be one’s boss and work how he wants to? Small business ideas are one way to be your own master. But it’s not as simple as it looks.

A successful company is a result of years of commitment, consistent hard work, and sleepless nights. But it all starts by taking the first step towards the goal. That one step could be by starting a low investment small scale business and expanding it into a larger one. Many of these ideas can be started right away, at your home with proper planning. Some of these ideas require preparation and brushing your skills up. A little time spent on these skills can let you help achieve your dreams.

 A small business idea can be started today with less investment, minimal resources, moderate knowledge, and skills. 

Take a look at top these 15 Small Business Ideas :

1.Tutoring and online classes:

Teaching is a noble activity. The amount of satisfaction a teacher gets when they see their students succeed is indescribable. Now, one doesn’t have to be 100% perfectionist in any subject to be a teacher.Even normal level skills and knowledge will help you. And, if it makes money, you are all set. There are good platforms where you can complete your profile and get paid for tutoring and creating online courses. However, it takes some work initially along with a few trials and errors, but it is one of the best ways to earn money from home. All you need is a good computer, stable internet connection, and a deep passion to teach and learn. This is the top and most sought idea in our small businesses list.

2.Event planning and organizing 

Whatever may be the situation in the world, marriages and important events have their importance. Well, do you know that an average family spends 15-30 Lakhs at a wedding? Yes, you heard it right. Such is the potential of event management and organization. If you have little experience in organizing picnics or even birthday parties, then this is for you. With a good team and resources, this business can be scaled to one of the highest profits generating business.

3.Online Content creation

The number of social media platforms is rising day-by-day. If you have a little creativity and unique content ideas in any niche, then probably you can help hundreds, right from your home. Do not believe us? Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are different mediums to share your content across the world at one click. Let it be cooking, singing, acting, dancing, writing, etc. There are high chances that you can collaborate with top brands and other content creators which can skyrocket your business. 

4.Translation and Transcription services

Do you still miss that French Class you took during your undergrad? Well, why don’t you wipe the dust off the books and put them to better use? You might work as a translator for a multinational company or with scientific groups who want their documents translated. If you are fluent in any international language, you can provide a valuable service to a global business. All it needs: Little Patience, command over the language, and communication skills.

5.Freelance content and copywriting

Gone are those days when a salesman knocked on the door and compelled us to buy the products. The prevailing situation has again proven that if businesses are not online, they are hitting the bottom rock. If you have a way with your words then you can help these small businesses grow by being their content writer. If you are capable of writing descriptions of products and goods, then copywriting is an excellent option. In this field you can write ad copies, newsletters, blog posts, product descriptions, social media copies, captions, taglines, and the list just goes on.

6.Accounting and Record Maintenance

Every business needs someone who can maintain the basic accounts and records about the selling and buying of goods. If you are good with numbers and are willing to help someone else’s business prosper, then this is the most suitable option for you. Go through a few online accounting courses to brush up your basics and begin your career as an accountant.

7.Personal/Virtual Assistant

For most small-scale businesses at home, there is a huge demand for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants help business owners manage their schedules, emails, clients, and other official meetings. It not only saves time for the business owner but also helps him explore other growth avenues. After all, it only needs knowledge of business etiquette, communication skills plus a little dedication.

8.Hobby classes

These days parents want their kids to not only excel in academics but also do well in extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance, or art. Starting hobby classes for kids is a simple small business idea that requires a set of good instructors, ample space, and resources. If you are good at one skill, then you can pool in with other skilled people and establish your academy.

9.Affiliate marketing

What is more difficult than creating a service or product? Selling it! Affiliate marketing is essentially a pipeline that can generate and maintain a company’s sales pipeline for a very less cost. If you have good writing skills and a zeal to sell, you can take up affiliate marketing and generate high revenues. All of you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, and a sellable product.

All the above ideas are not restricted to certain age groups or gender. Anyone who’s resolute to build their brand and earn money can utilize these ideas.

Well, we have created a separate list of small business ideas for women to kick start their career and be independent. 

10.Cooking classes and personal chef

Who doesn’t love food? But not everyone who loves food knows to cook food. If you are a master chef (by the master chef we mean who can cook well), then pick up a job of Personal chef and cook food for your client according to their nutritional requirements. 

If you are generous enough, then record a video of yourself and upload it on social media or start taking up cooking classes online/offline. In this fast-food world, a person who can teach people to cook Butter Paneer in 5 minutes is worshipped next to God, because Food is life.

11.Tiffin services and Catering

With mushrooming business and urban centers, people need good catering services for lunch, breakfast, and parties. This is one of the most sought small business ideas for women as it’s one of the easiest to start. All it takes is enrolling with few local distribution partners or small businesses, get the orders, and start delivering. 


Though there are thousands of readymade shops, hundreds of malls and online stores providing you multiple outfit options, yet you get your clothes altered to fit you. Well, tailoring is such an industry that has evolved over the years, All you need is a tailoring machine, good skills, and knowledge about the latest clothing trends and you are all set. You can set up your boutique after you get a handful of clients who are impressed by your skills and are willing to pay you more only to get that right fit.

13.Babysitting and Daycare services

Gone are those days when women were confined to household chores and responsibilities. With access to education and equal opportunities, women have excelled in every field. They are busy handling the office work and thus opt for daycare and babysitting services to look after their kids for some time. If you love kids and know how to keep them engaged, then take up this option. It’s a suitable small business idea for women which needs the fewest resources; huge space, toys, drawing books and colors and the kid will love you. Let us help other women to achieve their dreams and meanwhile we achieve ours.

14.Online marketing

All the products are being sold online except liquor in India. With this, many people in remote areas are getting access to goods unlike before. If you are good at writing content, know about SEO, marketing, then you can provide online marketing services for local businesses. You can be a social media manager and manage the various handles, promote a business, and attract the audience.

15.Homemade products

If you are good at making products at home like chocolates,agarbattis, scented candles, imitation jewelry, DIY crafts, eco -friendly bags, masks,( we need them more now) then why not start selling your products and earn a profit? 

This small business idea is best for those women who are creative and are genuinely passionate about creating a product. Materials required to manufacture the products are the only investment you need to do. If you create your website, then the audience will be able to reach you easily.

It is often said that a wise trader makes money in both rising and falling markets. Similarly, if you are starting or thinking to start a new business, then you should not worry about situations. Explore a little more about the ideas we have mentioned, and get your business started today.

We wish you good luck!