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7 Best IGTV Video Ideas You Can Use for Your Brand 

In recent years, social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have witnessed a significant rise in their businesses. This is primarily due to these sites soaring popularity and their global influence. In this article, we will be discussing IGTV, which is the latest and most robust feature of the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. We will list interesting IGTV video ideas that can help build brand awareness.

Since the addition of IGTV, reputable business enterprises from all over the globe have been using Instagram more than ever. The latest feature of Instagram enables established businesses and startup firms to reach out to their existing and prospective customers by creating appealing videos.

Key Things To Know About IGTV

Users have been posting short videos on Instagram. With the launch of IGTV, Instagram users get the opportunity to post and share lengthy videos with their followers. You can now use InVideo, a compelling video maker, to create hour-long videos conveniently. Your target audiences will acquire information about your business products and services comprehensively when you post long-duration videos.

Posting captivating IGTV videos regularly is imperative, read on to know why: 

  • You will stay ahead of your potential competitors in the digital market
  • Visibility of your brand will boost 
  • Helps in driving quality traffic & followers
  • Increases engagements 
  • Generates sales 

Awesome IGTV Video Ideas In 2020

You have to create high-quality and engaging IGTV videos to ensure that your potential customers find them worthy of sharing on other social media platforms. Here are the top IGTV video ideas.

Behind The Scene Videos

You can keep your existing customers and prospects hooked on to your IGTV channel if you routinely post behind the scene videos. It is your chance to connect interested followers by showing them how professionals brainstorm appealing ideas for designing products and services. Your followers will get to know about your business, consistent efforts, and the way your company generally operates comprehensively. The more you consider posting behind the scene IGTV videos, the quicker your follower count on Instagram will increase. 

Client Testimonial Videos

You will be able to increase the number of followers on Instagram and customers if you start posting client testimonial videos frequently. Feedback of satisfied customers is enough for a business to climb the stairs of success rapidly. Compile and post IGTV videos after ensuring that you ask all your customers to send a short testimonial video to you. Your followers will learn about different aspects of your business directly from the ones who use your products or services.

Motivational Videos

You will be able to draw significant attention from your followers if you consider posting motivational IGTV videos. Guide the procedure for interested followers to start a business from scratch. Share the tricks to boost self-confidence, keep calm in stressful situations, and guide the steps to become a successful entrepreneur. Posting motivational Instagram TV videos can help you to earn the trust of your target audiences and make your brand more credible. 

Q&A Videos

Your followers will increase remarkably only if you take out quality time to interact with them and answer all their questions. You will be able to consolidate the bond with your followers or potential customers through Question & Answer videos. Do reply to the comments of all the interested followers. Later, share these updates on Instagram stories or Instagram profile. Q&A videos are super-easy to create when you make use of a free Instagram video editor. Such videos can retain your followers for an extended period on your IGTV channel. 

Intro Greetings Videos

 To entice every new audience on your channel, you should make a small yet fascinating short introduction greetings video of your channel. It should be like a welcoming video. You will be able to create an instant impression in the visitors’ minds if you post such an intro video of your IGTV channel. The number of followers on your business Instagram profile will increase remarkably.

 Screen Recording Videos

 People will trust you more when you come to their rescue. Consider recording the screen of your smartphone and uploading the same to your IGTV channel. If you show your followers the easy way to download, install, and use a new app correctly by capturing screen recordings, you will draw the attention of them significantly. With time, the number of followers will increase, and your channel will become more credible.

 Gift Unboxing Videos

 One of the most interesting IGTV videos is gift unboxing. This particular kind of video is what nowadays Instagram users love watching on IGTV platform. You will be reviewing a specific product comprehensively and telling users why they should consider buying it. You will likely drive brand sponsorships for posting unboxing videos routinely on your Instagram TV channel.  

 All the interesting IGTV video ideas listed above can come to your major rescue and enable you to make your brand more visible and recognized. You will certainly be able to stand out from the competition successfully when your prospects start buying from you. Utilize all the exciting and result-driven Instagram TV videos mentioned above. You will be able to entice your audience, boost engagements, and eventually drive revenue on investment effectively.