A brief guide to trading Bitcoin- Understanding the revolutionary crypto

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Bitcoin is inarguably one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It first popped up in the picture in 2009. Ironically, no one knows who developed or came up with the idea of Bitcoin. But, a persona named Satoshi Nakamoto is known to present bitcoin to the world. Irrespective of this, it grew exponentially in a relatively short period. It even made way for several of the world’s prominent millionaires. So, it became trendy among young and tech-focused investors. However, as appealing as it may appear, one needs to approach Bitcoin with utmost caution. To start Bitcoin trading you can click here. 

Top tips for beginners to start with Bitcoin 

Many youngsters enthusiastically step into the cryptocurrency world. However, it is highly unpredictable, like the ‘wild west.’ So, one can’t conquer it without any prior knowledge. Therefore, here are some tips one needs to know initially. 

  • Start small

It is something that may sound preachy to beginners. However, it is a golden tip for the people who newly buying bitcoin. It is crucial to stay cautious and even play it safe as a newbie. Also, it is never wise to put all the hard-earned money on the line at once even when someone has some success in the stock market or mutual funds. Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are highly volatile. It works differently, and the same principles would not apply here. 

  • Choose a secure wallet 

Bitcoin purchases and selling happen via digital wallets. You store your private key in the wallet. The key is the only access to your holding bitcoins. A good bitcoin wallet ensures safety and provides ease of access. So, one should opt for the safest option available. Several wallets differ in functionality and features and all of them can be classified into two types. The two types of wallets available are as follows. 

  1. Hot wallet – A hot wallet is susceptible to hackers because it is connected to the web. 
  2. Cold wallet – It is more secure than a hot wallet because it allows users to store their assets physically (offline). 

When dealing with small values, a hot wallet does just fine. However, one would need a cold wallet to keep their belongings secure from hackers for significant values. 

  • Market research

One can’t skip this part before diving into the crypto market. Thorough knowledge of the market increases the probability of earning large sums of profit. So, if money is the only motivation, one should not skip this step. 

As it is a volatile and unpredictable space, one should start with keeping tabs on the latest news. They can also study the portfolios of significant Bitcoin holders. One can also do technical analysis, I.e., studying charts and training themselves to identify critical patterns. One should try to broaden the horizon of their knowledge anyhow.

  • A trading strategy 

Before thinking of an opening position, one should decide the style of trading they would do in the beginning. Here are some trading strategies or styles to start with Bitcoin. 

  1. Day trading – Short-term trading, meaning you can enter and leave the market on the same day.
  2. Scalping – Making multiple trades in one day to earn small profits 
  3. Swing trading – Trading Bitcoin based on thorough market analysis and studying trends 
  4. Passive trading – Holding assets for an extended period to earn profit in the long term. It is sometimes said to as mid-term trading.
  • Clear profit goals 

Bitcoin is as unpredictable as the weather. So, no one can control the market. However, they can put a limit on their trading. In the beginning, it is vital to set a goal for for-profit and limit the amount they can afford to lose. This exercise should be done before setting an opening position in the market. You can also set a stop-loss option to minimize your risk at the time of exiting the market.

Purchasing using PayPal

If someone is looking for a fast way to grow their assets, they can opt for the cryptocurrency services of PayPal. One can check if funds are available in their PayPal account by using their credit card or debit card. Users also need to complete the KYC procedure to ensure the authenticity of their identity. They can then exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly using PayPal. . It takes about 10 minutes to register the transaction to the Blockchain and reflect it in the account. New users can significantly benefit from buying or selling bitcoin using PayPal. It presents a low-risk solution because of the trust the platform has built over time 


So, using these tips, beginners can do further research before diving into the bottomless sea of cryptocurrency.

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