Afdah Movies Streaming Site Loses its Domain; Shifts to Fresh Domain

Popular free online movie streaming site Afdah loses its original domain owing to copyright infringement issues; shifts to new domains with other names.

Here’s quite a significant news for movie lovers, who love to stream free content online. Afdah, one of the most popular free online movie streaming sites has lost its original domain.

What is Afdah?

Afdah is a well-known free online movie streaming site, that is recognized worldwide for its extensively large content base. It used to house a huge index of movies, TV shows as well as web series. Apart from being extremely user friendly, the site used to regularly update its content with the latest digital stuff. Moreover, it’s well categorized and organized content layout was a treat to movie lovers. On top of that, it allowed free streaming from any type of device – be it a laptop, mobile phone or even a tablet.

However, Afdah and other sites like Afdah are basically third-party platforms that host original movies and shows for free without any copyright oriented permission. Hence, owing to copyright infringement issues, it had already been restricted in many countries. Now, eventually, it has lost its original domain.

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Afdah Movies has Shifted to New Domains

Despite being held by a number of regulatory bodies, being alleged of streaming pirated content, and eventually being banned, Afdah Movies will continue to stream, as per the latest reports. It has shifted its entire content base from its original domain to a few other domains – which are often known as mirror sites. These are nothing but a replica of the original site and host identical content. Following this concept, Afdah has shifted to new domains in order to continue operations and serve millions of Afdah movie lovers.

You can now stream Afdah movies in the following sites:

While you are most likely to be able to access most all of these new Afdah domains with ease, we recommend you to use adequate security measures (an effective VPN. anti-virus software) while streaming on these platforms.

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