• Amazon flex delivery is now available in 35 cities in India
  • Individuals like students and homemakers can a good amount from this program
  • Walmart and Flipkart have suffered a lot during this lockdown

Amazon Flex Delivery Program Expanded to 35 Cities

On Thursday, in a statement, Amazon said that it had expanded the Amazon flex delivery program. The company has expanded the program to over 25 cities across India. This country is one of Amazon’s major overseas markets. This E-Commerce giant has taken this type of decision because it looks to scale the capability of delivery.

The E-Commerce giant launched the Amazon flex delivery program last June in India. At the same time, this month, Amazon has completed seven years in this country. When the company launched the flex delivery program, it was available only in three cities.

The program allows an individual to assist the delivery package of the company to its customer. It said that a lot of students, homemakers have joined their program in India to boost their income. All these individuals earn a solid amount of money. They earn money between $1.58 to $1.84 in every hour, which is quite a good amount.

Amazon’s Plan

Amazon said that the expansion of the flex program to more cities in India will enable the company to scale the delivery workforce as well as serving customers in a more effective way.

Director of Last Mile Transportation at Amazon India, Prakash Rochlani, said that the flex partners enjoyed the opportunity to earn some extra cash. That was so helpful for some students and homemakers to earn some extra money to recover the economic impact of COVID-19.

However, the rival of the Amazon – Walmart and Flipkart – are suffering severely in this lockdown. When New Delhi declared the lockdown, these two rivals lost their non-essential orders. But now India has lifted the restrictions. So, these two E-Commerce firms have restored a little of their services.