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Amazon Music comes to Garmin watches for fitness enthusiasts

In the previous year in October, the Garmin smartwatch came up with support for the music streaming giant, Spotify. Currently, Garmin is on the verge of expanding its horizons when it comes to music streaming services. The recent announcement suggests that Garmin will not only incorporate Spotify. Instead, it would also support the emerging Amazon Music.

Garmin is the first-ever smartwatch brand to step into the music wearable industry around 18 months ago. Nobody thought that this distinctive music streaming service in the smartwatch would become a revolutionary change in the world. Today, no other smart wearable tech provides the different music services like Garmin. Moreover, if the users desire, they can also access the music streaming apps given that the smartwatch is offline.

The most important part of the massive upgrade is that Garmin is going to make a broader and enormous rollout. Garmin smartwatches now support the Amazon Music on its high-end devices such as Fenix 5 Plus. On the other hand, if the users want, they can also download the app on some of the affordable smartwatch models such as the cheap yet robust the Vivoactive 3 Music.

Currently, the rollout of the Amazon Music support will also feature in the several Garmin watches. Some of the notable devices are Forerunner 245 Music, 625 music, the forerunner 945 as the bedazzling MARQ collection. If a person owns a Garmin smartwatch from any of these models then, they can easily download the app; namely, Amazon Music from the respective store, Connect IQ. The fitness users who always stay on the move can begin saving their playlists as well as their favorite songs with the help of WiFi.

In addition to this, there is also a piece of good news for Prime users of Amazon Music. The prime users can choose from over 50 million songs. The partnership with Amazon Music also gave a boost that Garmin was looking out for a long time now. Another equally excellent wearable technology brand Fitbit has to wait to partner with streaming services such as Amazon. Moreover, Fitbit is yet to partner with Spotify.

Nevertheless, the owners of Versa and Ionic desire to add songs to their Fitbit smartwatches have to download the songs via Deezer or sideload. Later then can sideload songs from their respective desktop computers. Most of the owners of Fitbit either subscribe to Amazon Music or Spotify rather than Deezer. The new partnership will pave the way for the other distinctive wearable companies to allow their smart devices to feature music files for hassle-free entertainment.