Pubfilm – Latest Upcoming Movies


  • Pubfilm is a reputed movie streaming website
  • The UK High Court banned the website
  • The website is back with new domains

Pubfilm – A Free Online Movie Streaming Site

Pubfilm is one of the best online movie streaming sites. Here, movie lovers can enjoy their favorite movies without paying any charges or fees. So, there is no need to pay the subscription charges of Netflix when you have the way to access a larger movie library. Pubfilm is a well-appreciated website. Here, you can find thousands of movies, TV shows, or web series to enjoy.

After getting banned, Pubfilm returned with Pubfilm alternative domains, and now you can watch and enjoy the best Pubfilm latest movies that the website has uploaded in its movie library. These are the Pubfilm new domains


Best Pubfilm Latest Upcoming Movies

  1. Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife: The movie will be released on 2nd July 2020. In this movie, you will be watching a story about a single mother and her two sons. They will be discovering the secret of their grandfather’s legacy.
  2. Wonder Woman 1984: The movie is going to be released very soon. Wonder Woman will come into the fight with the Soviet Union. The era will be during the Cold War. She will find a foe named Cheetah.
  3. The King’s Man: The movie will be available on 16th September 2020. You will see the worst criminal masterminds and tyrants who will be together to raise a war to remove millions. A man must come against them to stop.
  4. Morbius: The movie will release on 30th July 2020. Morbius is one of the most interesting and best Pubfilm latest upcoming movies. The biochemist Michael Morbius tries to find a way to cure himself. But, unfortunately, he infects himself with a kind of vampirism.
  5. A Silent Place II: The movie will be available on 3rd September 2020. The Abbott family now has to face the terrors of the outside of their world. They will realize a terrifying issue in this part.

These are the best Pubfilm latest upcoming movies. You can visit the Pubfilm new domains to enjoy these movies for free.