Today, another leakage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s battle royale mode has come out, which was kept secret badly. The leak is out with a bigger lump of a picture appearing on YouTube earlier. Surprisingly, it has confirmed plenty of the leaked details as well as revealed the name of that mode, which is Warzone. Chaos, a YouTuber, uploaded the video, and the gamers are awaiting an announcement.

The footage uploaded by Chaos disclosed that Warzone is going to be free for playing. That’s why now nobody needs to purchase Modern Warefare to play this game. Also, one can move between PC and consoles. Matches will emphasize fights with a maximum of 150 people on a gigantic map. The map will contain pieces from current maps such as Terminal, Scrapyard, etc. One can now also explore new areas.

Standard battle royale highlights like duos, squads, and even solo, leaping out of an aeroplane and surpassing a dangerous toxic cloud. Along with all these features, now one can also hop into a broader range of vehicles such as helicopters, trucks, ATVs, and more. You can also buy killstreaks which can give you some charming abilities, including airstrikes. In this newer version, death won’t be the end of you. You can buy your respawn tokens and can go back to your fight via Gulag. Even if you are captured by your enemies, you can earn your freedom though there will be others in that queue. When you are in the queue, you can easily observe the fights, support your teammates and even throw rocks at the players that you don’t prefer.

There are some additional complexities. However, in alternative ways, the Infinity Ward has actually made this mode simpler. When you kill an enemy, loots will spill everywhere. There will be no rooting in your inventories, and you can’t put yourself in a sensitive position.