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Cat Breed Guide: Becoming a Cat Breeder


For you to become a successful cat breeder, you have to be genuinely interested in cats. If you are doing it just for the money, then don’t become one. The task involves time and effort, and not to mention the overall cost of breeding. 

Genuine breeders choose to venture into this practice to produce quality pedigreed cats. So, should you decide to be one, you will need to know the safest breeding practices there is. Also, you will need to know what to feed your cat during and after the pregnancy. This is to ensure the production of high-end kittens.

To learn how to become a successful breeder, here are some of the things you need to know. See more on this link

  • Do Your Research

There are several cats breeds available, so the minute you have settled for a particular one, dig deeper about their genes and behaviorism. Also, take time to study their ailments and how to treat and prevent them. 

You can start by Joining organizations like the Cat Fanciers Organizations and learn more about the world of cat breeding. You can as well attend cat shows before you start breeding. 

These are perfect places where you can interact with other cat owners for tips and ideas. Regardless of the method you use, make sure you have acquired all the information you need to set up your own cattery.

  • Examine Your Motives

Cat breeding is an expensive practice that requires intense dedication and patience. You have to really put your heart into it if you want to become a successful breeder. 

First and foremost, you need to examine your reasons for wanting to become a cat breeder. As we had mentioned earlier, if you are doing it for the money, then you might not stand a chance of succeeding. 

You might end up frustrated once you realize this venture is not that profitable. Most professional breeders do it as a hobby, for the love of cats, that’s why they end up being successful. Plus, keep in mind that, your cat’s health should come first before anything else.

  • Set Up Your Cattery

The cattery is the room set aside for cat breeding. This could be your basement or any safe place in your compound. After you have located your cattery, you can start by cleaning it and setting cages to separate males from females. 

You should also create a feeding area and place food containers and clean water. Your cats will also need an area for bathing and grooming too. This will help keep dirt and bacteria away. 

As it’s commonly known, cats are generally playful. This is why you will need more space where your cat can play. Lastly, you will need to prepare a litter box for your kittens a few weeks before the mother gives birth.

  • Purchase Breeding Stock

After you have set up your cattery, now it’s time to purchase a cat of breeding quality. As a professional breeder, you can’t just breed any random cats. 

The cat you select for your female or male breeder should meet the required breed profiles presented by Animal welfare. Similarly, make sure you purchase your pedigreed cat from a certified breeder. 

You can choose between buying both the male and female cats or hire a stud for your female cat. Nonetheless, take your cats to the vet and check for any unwanted diseases or genetic disorders that can be passed on to the kittens. 

  • Sale of the Kittens

As soon as your kittens are born, you are expected to take them to a vet for a checkup. Here they get their first vaccines and any other medication if need be. 

Similarly, you should also register them with the CFO (Cat Fancier Organization). This organization confirms the physical health of the litter and gives you a go-ahead to sell them. 

After taking all these important steps, you can now sell your kittens. Make sure you evaluate your potential customer carefully, to ensure your kittens’ lands on safe hands. You can even have them sign an agreement to confirm the transfer of ownership.

  • Costs of Cat Breeding

Cat breeding isn’t a simple task as most people may think. It requires hours of research, planning, and preparation. It can even take you months before beginning the actual work. This includes attending cat shows and networking with other breeders for more ideas. 

Not to mention the cost of breeding which can be way higher than the income sometimes. You will need to pay for things like registration, vet bills, licenses, food and supplies, breeding stock, toys, show fees, and more. 

You may also be forced to hire a mentor to help you get started adding to your overall expenses. Click here to get more insights.


Cat breeding can be so much fun if you are a cat lover. It can also be so rewarding once you start selling your kittens. Nevertheless, you have to be well informed of the responsibilities involved. Things like cat nutrition, cat birth, and the cost of breeding are among the most important factors to consider. 

Finding the right stud for your queen is also paramount. The male should be genetically and physically fine. After all, the main goal here is to produce the best kittens in the block. 

Cat breeding is a delicate procedure but with the right knowledge and preparation, it gets easier with time. Make sure you do your research, and you will produce high-quality litters.

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