CCSP Certification: Wondering if it is right for you?

CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional is a highly sophisticated certification. Individuals who receive this certification have proved their ability to be able to secure data in cloud-based systems, as well as secure applications, networks, and infrastructure. They have immense knowledge in not only employing security measures but also in designing them and reviewing them. These individuals have in-depth knowledge of employing the best practices and procedures involved in working with cloud-based security systems.

Who can get this certification?

This certification is intended for IT professionals. Individuals who have worked in the IT industry for at least five years, with a minimum of 3 years’ of experience in the information security sector and at least one year of experience in one of the following CCSP domains: Cloud Data Security, Operations, Architectural Concepts, and Design Requirements, Cloud Application Security, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security, as well as Legal and Compliance.

If someone working in the IT industry does not fit the above-mentioned criteria, they can opt to become an Associate of (ISC)2, by taking the CCSP certification examination. After they earn the Associate of (ISC)2 certification, they will have six years to fulfill the mentioned requirements.

What are the different ways in which you can prepare for the CCSP exam?

If you want to take the CCSP exam and want to earn the CCSP credentials, you can choose different ways to prepare for it. (ISC)2 has recognized a few ways in which you can prepare for the examination. You can opt for a classroom-based or an online mode of study, among others. These ways are as follows:

  • Classroom: There are several training locations available where you can go and learn in a traditional classroom setting. This requires your presence and is useful for those who feel they learn better in a classroom setting where they can interact with peers and get immediate feedback on their queries. If you are located near a training facility, and the timings work out for you, then this study mode becomes accessible to you.
  • Private On-site: this option is suitable for companies that have employees who are interested in this certification course, and they want to take this examination. They can opt for an instructor to come on-site and instruct the employees who may be interested. The training can take place in the office or another private venue. Usually, this training takes up to 3 to 5 days to complete. For companies, this is a great option to ensure that several employees are able to take the CCSP examination together and a great way to enrich and enhance the skills of your employees.
  • Online Instructor-led: if you do not live near a training center, then online classes with a trainer may be beneficial for you. This is just like a classroom-based study method, except it does not require your physical presence. Online classes offer you a lot of flexibility, especially if you would like to be able to save time on traveling. With an online instructor-led class, you have the opportunity to be able to still interact with an instructor, without the hassle of commuting every day.
  • Online self-paced: Every person does not learn the same, and hence, an online class that proceeds at a self-aced rate may be useful for you. You are able to proceed when you feel you have sufficiently learned one aspect of the course, no matter how quick or slow it may be. With a self-paced mode of study, you have online resources such as online videos and lectures, which you can access at any time that you want.

Apart from these methods of studying, you can also visit the official website for (ISC)2 to acquire more learning material and other resources to help you with CCSP certification.

How to make sure CCSP is right for you?

Now that you have learned more about CCSP, it is time to find out how you can determine whether this course is the right option for you. When it comes to online security, there are several certifications out there that you can opt for. Hence, make sure that you read up more on CCSP as well as other certification options to determine which one suits your skills and needs the best. If you do not come from a security background, then you may not be aware of other certifications that you can secure, which are also related to data security and protection. Hence it is useful that you read up on other courses as well and find one which matches your interests!

How do you proceed?

Once you have registered for the exam at Pearson VUE, it is just a matter of taking the exam to earn your certification. Not only do you need to complete the online endorsement process, but you also agree to the code of ethics as prescribed by the (ISC)2. Once you have completed these steps and passed the examination, you will have the required credentials to become a certified CCSP and a part of the (ISC)2, which is a large global community of certified cybersecurity professionals.

Through this network, you receive a lot of benefits. You will continuously be updated about new trends in cybercrimes, learn new methods to overcome them, and in general, be able to enhance your skill set every day. With this global network, you will be connected to cybersecurity specialists around the world and interact with them to be able to understand and overcome new challenges.

Becoming a certified CCSP may not look easy, but once you are dedicated to this path, you will find a lot of resources to be able to earn the required certification. With the help of online classes, you can ensure that you can work towards earning this certification with great flexibility and at your own comfortable pace. Online courses have made CCSP more accessible to everyone.