A New Blockchain project

The official TON team has transferred the development of TON to the free source community. Thus, the Chinese TON community is starting their TON network of their own. The terminated blockchain project, of Telegram, its Open Network is spawning newer TON networks.

There are a minimum of two TON-based initiatives worldwide – Free TON, and NewTON. The Chinese TON Community has chosen the option to start the TON network.

In a blog post, posted on 29th May, the Chinese TON Community explained the intention to start a different network based on TON. The newer effort appears to respond the CEO of the Telegram, Pavel Durov. The post states to shut down the involvement of the firm in the project.

Blockchain Testnet Is the Initial Step

The community intends to start their TON blockchain testnet and introduce a project. To the initiatives like the Free TON, the Chinese TON Community will be looking to call up more participants so that they can develop their network.

The blog post stated that they intended to begin TON Blockchain testnet in their initial step, call up more developers to accompany the network, and rearrange the rules of the network, which would be more adaptable to their context. They also intended to invite more people to use TON.

This declaration also indicates a few crucial problems related to the TON initiatives. The problems include primary allocation, lack of proper integration with the Telegram messenger, and also lack of skilled developer incentives.

The announcement also points out some major problems associated with community-led TON initiatives, including problems of initial allocation, lack of integration with Telegram messenger as well as lack of developer incentives.

TON Has Passed the “Free Source Community” Officially

The Chinese TON Community is making its preparation to start their TON network, and there are still three TON-based blockchain heirs to date.

Possibly, these Chinese communities are not receiving well. On 7th May, in a tweet, the Chinese TON Community criticized the Free TON, and claimed that the initiatives didn’t demonstrate the real TON community.