Colorado Citizens Protest Against Continued Lockdown, Amid Struggling Economy

According to the latest reports from The New York Post, healthcare officials in Colorado had to face off against Colorado citizens who are demanding a lift on the government’s lockdown order while protesting. In a social media video, motorists were seen honking horns in Denver, the state’s capital and two healthcare workers were spotted blocking them. 

In an interaction with the New York Times, photojournalist Alyson McClaran stated, “They were blocking the roads until the police force stepped in. People were putting their cars right up against them.”

On the other hand, a woman wearing an American flag t-shirt was heard yelling at the officials, asking them why she is being stopped from going to work if the healthcare workers can continue their operations. She even asked them to go to China if they wanted communism.

As people are slowly becoming impatient about the lockdown, hundreds of protesters lined up in the road leading to the city. Many were even seen holding placards stating, “End the Virus, Not the Economy. We need stability to stay healthy.”

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While it is understandable that people are suffering tremendously due to the closure of businesses, and many have even lost their jobs, but the need of the hour is to get rid of the deadly pandemic, which can only be achieved by efficiently following the government orders of maintaining social distancing. 

As of now, the US is the worst affected country in the world with the maximum number of COVID-related cases. Apart from the thousands of deaths, this situation has hit the American economy terribly and as many as 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment.

Recently, President Donald Trump proposed a partial re-opening of the economy from May 1. However, the idea has not gone down well with business leaders and influential personalities across the country, who believe that the US is still far from going back to normal, as the cases continue to rise, and testing remains inadequate.