Contact Tracing by Google and Apple

Apple and Google, two well-reputed Tech giants, have created a partnership on Contact Tracing. It is a technology that can assist the general people to find out if they are infected by the novel coronavirus. They can do it via Bluetooth technology.

According to Google, this Contact Tracing can make it possible to fight the transmission of the coronavirus by warning the general people of every possible exposure to those who have been infected by the virus.

The app will let you know either the person you have come in contact is infected or not. At the same time, in a news release, both Tech giant reports that the user security and privacy are central to the planning and they will start the software tool as well as operating system technology to help the researchers.

Both Apple and Google in May will publish the APIs, software tools that will allow the developers to make within the operating system. It will be interoperable between the Google Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms. The companies hope the Contact Tracing apps can be available for download at Google Play app stores and in Apple iOS.

In the upcoming months, these tech giants will look to enable the interaction with a wider ecosystem of the apps and govt. health authorities. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, on his Twitter account, wrote that their Contact Tracing app would have stronger protections and controls for users. Tim Cook, the CEO of the Apple, in Sundar’s tweet, said that Contact Tracing could be done without negotiating user privacy.

President Donald Trump, in March, caught Google by surprise by declaring that the tech giant was working with the govt. on a national site to assist the people to pre-screen the coronavirus. Later on, Google said that it was actually a sister unit in the parent company Alphabet.