Fourteen Italians have been tested to identify the presence of coronavirus in their body, and the reports have shown positive results. Currently, they have been moved from the ITBP quarantine centre to the Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon.

On Thursday morning, the hospital had issued a statement explaining those patients were housed on an entirely separate floor that has been heavily quarantined and has no connection with the rest of the hospital. Also, there is a committed medical team that is very cautious about the patients. The team uses protective gear while looking after those patients. Every equipment and item used on other floors is isolated to the floor where those fourteen Italians were kept.

According to the statement, the isolated floor will contain the disease entirely even with those asymptomatic persons, and all other hospital operations are being operated as normal. Right now, it is claimed that there is no risk to the other patients, staff or visitors.

On Wednesday, 21 Italian tourists, along with three Indian tour operators were shifted out from the ITBP quarantine centre as they were heavily endangered to the novel Coronavirus. Furthermore, an affected Italian couple is being well-treated at the SMS medical college of Jaipur.

On Tuesday, the officials said that the Italians had been delivered to a private hospital in Gurgaon and a centre in the national capital. On the other hand, the Indians have been sent to the Safdarjung Hospital.

The fourteen Italians, along with an Indian driver, were in the same group as the affected Italian couple who have shown positive results in the Coronavirus test. On Tuesday, the Italian tourists and three Indians were admitted to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police force centre in Chhawla. Already, the centre has 112 people (36 foreigners and 76 Indians), from February 27, when they were evacuated by an Indian Air Force plane from Wuhan.

The first samples of these people had shown negative when reports arrived in the previous week.