A new coronavirus conspiracy

The entire US, along with other parts of the world bend down to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. But now there is a coronavirus conspiracy that is leading to a disturbing situation with misinformation. This fake coronavirus conspiracy states that the 5G network technology is related to the symptoms of COVID-19, and probably because of the network, the virus has appeared among the human being. This rumour is accelerating from darkness into the disconcerted mainstream through the conspiracy theorists who are spreading the rumour of 5G for several years.

What is the truth? Is it really possible?

There are general scientific agreements in the basic medical realities of this outbreak. However, researchers are still busy in determining the gaps in the virus that no one knew before. This absence of information opens a path for plans that generally transferred the internet’s borders to slip into a wider conversation about this outbreak. This pandemic is a dangerous feature of this present crisis.
Yonder is an AI company, which monitors online conversations, including conspiracies, disinformation. According to the company, the outskirt groups are travelling to the prevailing situation faster in this crisis.
A report on the COVID-19 misinformation from the Yonder states that the mainstream is generally acknowledging the rumours, alarm, conspiratorial thinking, or panic in an uncertain time. It is a phenomenon, which explains the activity of any misinformation the people are seeing. Yonder has estimated that it may take six to eight months for the fringes to make the way from the border of the internet in the mainstream. But the interval this time seems like only three to 1 days in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic.
Ryan Fox, the Chief Innovation Officer of Yonder, said that in the infodemic, they had seen the coronavirus conspiracies as well as some other forms of misinformation transmitted throughout the internet at a unique velocity.