Coronavirus contact tracing app

More details have come out from the coronavirus contact tracing app that has been developed by the authorities of the United Kingdom. Today, Matthew Gould, the NHSX CEO, said that the future version of this coronavirus contact tracing app could ask the users to share their location to assist the authorities to learn some more information about how the COVID-19 is being transmitted.

At the same time, the questions about the role of the domestic spy agency of the UK don’t seem likely to go away. A basic version of this tracing app developed by NHSX is installed to be tested within a smaller geographical area in the following 1 or 2 weeks. Gould said that technically the app would be ready to use within 2 or 3 weeks.

The future version of tracing app                                           

Gould accentuated that the launch would need to be an essential portion of a broader strategy of the government that also includes extensive testing as well as manual contacts tracing. In the future version of this app could ask the users to share additional information like their location so that the developers can assist the epidemiologists in identifying the infection spots.

Gould said that the app would emphasize, and they had been developing that at speed since the beginning of the situation, but the initial version that they had put wouldn’t have everything in it that they would prefer. There were very interested that successive versions should provide people with the chance to offer more data if they wanted to do so. He also showed an example – like it would have been so useful if people had been willing to offer them not only the anonymous proximity contacts but also the location of those contacts actually had taken place because that would have let them know that specific places or sectors.