Coronavirus in the United States

By the end of this week, several state’s “stay at home” order is about to expire, and more than half of the United States will be reopened partially.

Government across the US have been declaring either they will start reopening their states when several of their orders has expired this week, and some have to wait for a few more weeks. A minimum of 28 states in the US will loosen the restrictions of coronavirus by Friday.

There are over 1 million validated cases of coronavirus in the United States and around 60,966 death cases.

States to Reopen

Among all the states, Florida will be reopening soon, and the restaurants, along with retail shops, can allow the customers to come inside. Perhaps the state will reopen from Monday. The change in the restrictions is not applicable to the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties that are houses to approximately 6 million people.

Gov. Ron DeSantis explained that those counties had noticed a major share of the pandemic, but the people were trending in a good direction. They were working with the people, and he believed that the people would be able to move to the first phase quite soon.

Gov. Jim Justice said that West Virginia would also allow the dentists to return to their work from Thursday, and from Monday, churches, restaurants, salons, and others can reopen with restrictions.

Arizona Gov., named Doug Ducey, declared in a news conference that he had increased the “stay at home” order for his state till 15th May.

Though California has an idea for reopening, the state hasn’t set any date for it, and Gov. Gavin Newsom highlighted that reopening businesses and schools were still weeks away.

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) intends to declare an immediate-use authorization for the investigational COVID-19 treatment named remdesivir, which was used to treat Ebola.