• Coronavirus new cases in America are increasing again.
  • It seems the states that reopened first show the most of the new affected cases
  • Young people are mostly infected this time compared with the beginning moment of the pandemic

Coronavirus New Cases in America

Americans now probably have to pass through another shocking stage of new cases and deaths. There are coronavirus new cases in America because officials in some states in the Southern part have given a warning. They have reported that more young people in that area have positive coronavirus testing results.

Perhaps it was one of the worst decisions to reopen some states. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and some regions reopened the area lifting the lockdown at first. Some officials are reporting that the people are failing to maintain social distance. In Mississippi, one officer says that social distance maintenance is so disappointing.

Greg Abbott is the Texas government. Last week, he said that inv the list of coronavirus new cases in America, most of the people were under 30 years old. He added that this rise in the infection rate among the young could be normal because they tended to visit bars or other mobs.

Ron DeSantis is the government of Florida. He reported that the median age of the infected people was 37.

What Do Studies Say of the New Rise?

According to the data provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus may affect severely older people, Hispanics and Blacks, and the people having poor health conditions. CDC reported that from the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic through 30th May, the median age of infected people was 48.

A senior official of the CDC has reported that it has been conducting a scientific review on the benefits of using masks. It will soon make a recommendation on using the face mask. From the scientific review, it can be made sure that whether the mask can control efficiently or not.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the USA has recorded over 2.27 million infected cases and a minimum of 119,921 deaths