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Coronavirus Pandemic – City Parks and Beaches in Florida will Open in the USA

Coronavirus pandemic in the USA

The US President Donald Trump, along with his governors concentrated on when and how to open the states again. The sudden and sharp revision of the death toll of China emphasized the human cost of this dangerous coronavirus pandemic.

The stock markets were in green in Asia and Europe ahead of opening on the Wall Street. The guidelines of the Trump to “open up the country again” include three phases, but won’t start until the states experience 14 consecutive days of decreases in coronavirus cases.

On Thursday, President Trump said that some states would open soon compared with others, but they would not be opening all together, only one with a careful step.

City parks and Beaches

At least there will be a significant reopening on the Friday. For the essential activities, Jacksonville, city parks and beaches, and Florida will open so that people can walk or have some fun for some hours in the morning as well as in the evening.

In the middle of this upbeat news, China added more 1,290 death cases in Wuhan because of coronavirus pandemic.  China is the epicenter of the outbreak of this virus and has been criticized for lack of transparency. The number of total deaths in the city is now 3,869.

Only in the USA, there are more than 671,400 COVID-19 cases, and worldwide the number is more than 2.1 million – based on the data provided by Jhon Hopkins University. The virus has already killed more than 33,200 Americans and more than 145,700 people throughout the world.

The beaches of Jacksonville and Florida will open on Friday for a certain time, which is only in the morning and evening. People can take a walk there. The city parks, on the other hand, will remain opened for the entire day, but the picnic areas will be closed.