Coronavirus situation in the US

According to the Harvard researchers, if the US President Donald Trump wants to reopen the country to check the economy collapse, then the testing must raise to a minimum of 500,000 per day to understand the coronavirus situation.

Currently, the country is testing only 150,000 people per day, and if they can’t do at least 500,000 tests per day, then it is quite hard to see the reason why they can remain open. According to the data revealed by Johns Hopkins University, only the US has more than 735,000 COVID-19 cases and 39,090 deaths. There are some officials who have warned against it, but Trump has announced some states to reopen as early as possible.

The research on the testing deficit was done by Dr Ashish Jha, who is a faculty director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, Dr Thomas Tsai, the researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and lastly, Benjamin Jacobson, a research assistant at Harvard Global Health Institute.

What will the US decide?

According to the researchers, the number of the positive test will play a major factor along with the number of infected people. Besides, the number of tests is also lower in the US. They have reported that 20% of the test done in the US reveals a positive result. What will Trump do to control the coronavirus situation in the US?

In addition to this, the World Health Organization has reported that if the President wants to reopen the country, then the rate should be at least 3%.

Last week, the White House stated that the states could enter the first phase toward reopening the country if they see that the rate is decreasing. Experts have also given their opinions that if the leader really wants to reopen the country to check economy collapse, then there should be more testing.