Coronavirus Update – Total Number of Affected Cases Crosses 6.1 Million


  • Coronavirus update – Affected cases pass 6.1 million
  • The outbreak first began in Wuhan, China
  • The virus causes infection in respiratory system
  • The virus has attacked in every continent but not in Antarctica

Coronavirus update: MNT discusses with an expert about the outbreak

Today, MNT has consulted with the Tiffany Green about the COVID-19, along with some race-related health differences. She explained that the people who worked in health differences space were saddened but not surprised at race differences.

Tiffany Green is an assistant professor of the Departments of Population Health Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology. She discussed what was required to correct the racial biases in this coronavirus outbreak. She highlighted a few steps that the individuals can do to start countering the existed equalities. The steps also included the following –

Everyone should lean on their elected officials to gather accurate and powerful data. Also, they needed to adopt relief packages that protected workers. She also told the people to demand the federal government investigation.

Impact of Coronavirus on the USA Hospitals Is Worse

Coronavirus update – According to the latest study, which gathered data from Washington and California state, primary predictions had underestimated the duration of patients with the virus for staying in the hospital. The finding of the study is in the BMJ.

The virus has caused more than 6.1 million infected cases and 372,000 deaths.

Scientists have reported that the outbreak and impact of this virus vary from location to location. For example, in China, the infected people who died stayed in the hospital for 7.5 days (on average). In the USA, the people who died stayed in the hospital for 15 days.

Scientists based their early estimates on data from China, but the virus’ spread and the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare facilities vary from location to location. 

At the same time, the local governments and health officials in the United States have explained their fear that the infection rate could spread again during the protest. People throughout the country have occupied the streets by showing their frustrations. It was about the lack of value for the lives of black men.