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COVID-19 Cases in Texas – The Spread of the Virus Is Taking a Dangerous Turn

COVID-19 cases in Texas

COVID-19 Cases in Texas


  • COVID-19 cases in the Texas state has jumped from 2000 to 5000 per day
  • Some states are having another surge in the infection cases
  • Higher officials have tightened the restrictions in some states

COVID-19 cases in Texas – New Cases in the US

The COVID-19 cases in Texas are taking a dangerous turn, especially in Texas. Today, the Governor of the state, Greg Abbott, has warned the people by saying that the spread of the virus is again rising swiftly. On Sunday, Mr. Abbott said that in the previous few weeks, the number of newly infected cases increased from 2000 (based on an average estimation) to approximately 5000 per day. This number of newly infected cases is really scary.

Some western and southern states are now also facing another surge in the infection cases after lockdown restrictions were lifted and eased. Currently, the number of infection cases has crossed 2.5 million. In addition to this, the number of death cases across the nation is more than 125,000, which is more than any other country.

According to the data provided by the Johns Hopkins University in the US, the virus has caused over 500,000 deaths across the world.

COVID-19 Cases in the US – Surge of New

Because of the new surge of the COVID-19 cases in Texas, Florida and some other states, higher officials have again tightened the restrictions. They have also warned that the hospitals in these states can again be full of infected patients.

Mike Pence, the Vice-President of the US said that the nation would issue more coronavirus testing kit to Texas. He said that they were going to make sure that the states and the healthcare system had sufficient resources, supplies, and personnel to control the infection rate.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker, said that they had the worst record of COVID-19 cases comparing to any other countries in the world.

COVID-19 cases in Texas warned that the hospitals in these states can again be full of infected patients.