This week, Amazon has promoted one of its most recent COVID-19 crisis safety efforts continually. Amazon is saying that currently, they have made millions of face mask for the employees and the delivery partners across the logistics network.

On Thursday, some of the Amazon workers reported that only a few employees were provided with, and masks in the inventory and warehouses were so limited. An Amazon warehouse worker in the Staten Island of New York, named Jordan Flowers, said that the masks were running low. He said this on Thursday during a conference call with the media, which was arranged by Athena. Athena is an advocacy team that criticizes this E-Commerce giant.

Three workers from Amazon were involved in that call. Mario Crippen, from Michigan warehouse, said that the workers would walk past the temperature check stations easily that are situated at the warehouse entrance point. Jana Jump, from Indiana, said that some workers had been taking Tylenol to surpass the checks.

On Thursday night, an Amazon spokesperson, named Timothy Carter said that the masks that they had ordered some weeks before had been distributed throughout their network, and they were available to all the Amazon associates, Amazon Flex participants, delivery service partners, Whole Foods Market Store employees, and seasonal employees. Timothy Carter also said that they were encouraging all their employees to take and use those masks.

COVID-19 Crisis

These three workers of Amazon have spoken about the health issue during this COVID-19 crisis with some organizing walkouts at the advantages previous week. Also, these workers have got additional vocal since dozens of Amazon warehouses throughout the USA had assured the coronavirus cases. A walkout organizer, Christian Smalls, had been fired after he abused the mandated quarantine order.

The statement of these three workers of Amazon points to the difficulty that the Amazon is facing in adding newer health measures.