The threat of COVID-19 in India is growing, and the Delhi government has taken a decision, which is to disinfect every bus, metro train and hospital for ensuring safety among Delhi’s residents.

This opinion was taken from a state-level taskforce meeting. On Sunday, the meeting was chaired by the chief minister named Arvind Kejriwal. The chief minister said that he would meet Harsh Vardhan on Monday. Harsh Vardhan is a Union health minister. Arvind Kejriwal will request him to ban travelling to those countries which are severely infected by COVID-19. He also mentioned a press conference and said that the government allocated 168 beds throughout 25 hospitals. Among these 25 hospitals, 6 of them are private and rest of the hospitals are government. This allocation is to treat the patients affected by COVID-19.

After their taskforce meeting, the chief minister said that three cases of COVID-19 in India had been disclosed, and one of them is still under inspection. The government in Delhi is anxious about that issue, but they are completely prepared to handle that. There is nothing to be frightened, and they need cooperation from general people.

Arvind Kejriwal set up this taskforce meeting on 4th March to handle the expansion of COIVD-19. In includes the best officials of various departments, including Delhi Police and municipal corporations. Most of the affected people have experiences of international travel. The chief has advised the people to notify the state government if they find that their neighbours have come back from abroad.

After examining all those three cases, he found that the first infected person had come in touch with 105 people, while the second one was with 168. In the last 14 days, the third person came in touch with only 64 people.

Delhi government has set up 40 doctors at the airport so that they can effectively screen the passengers returning from abroad. Kejriwal said that around 1,40,603 passengers have been examined and put on the surveillance.