Fall in Crime because of COVID-19 in USA

There is a 23% drop in the crime in Los Angeles in the past month as US President Donald Trump has ordered the citizens to stay at home to fight the transmission of COVID-19 in the USA. Michel Moore, the Los Angeles Police Department Chief, said that people who were staying home in their neighborhoods were seeing out for each other, and maintaining the social distance. The social distance was allowing them to fight the transmission of COVID-19 in the USA.

Moore also said that the quick drop in crime for the last month had been in all the categories, including both property crime and violence. In addition to this, Los Angeles has also observed an 11% drop in the family violence crime compared with the same moment last year, even the times of stress could generally guide to the increase. Moore added that the traffic collisions, as well as DUI-related collisions, had decreased as well.

This promising reduction is because of the order “stay home and maintain social distance”. The fear of COVID-19 in the USA is rising, as there are around 400 deaths only in California, and senior officials are warning the people that the deadliest weeks are coming. At the news conference, Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Los Angeles had a 7% increase in the COVID-19 cases, and that had been the first single-digit daily increment in the city since 14th March.

The County Department of Public Health Director in Los Angeles, Dr. Barbara Ferrur, advised the people to stay home this week and skip the trips even to the store. Dr. Ferrar said that if the people had sufficient supplies in their home, which would be enough for the week to skip visiting grocery stores. Ferrar also added that they would see a lot of cases in the upcoming weeks.