COVID-19 Pandemic – People with Severe or Mild Health Problems Are Denied Care


  • NHS is not providing care to the people with general conditions
  • Researches reveal that people with cardiovascular diseases, brain problems, overweight at a greater risk
  • Does the NHS reject the patients on purpose?

COVID-19 Pandemic in Britons

Approximately two-thirds of people in the British with general life-threatening situations have been rejected to provide proper care. It is because the NHS has focused on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. New research has revealed this information. During this pandemic, NHS is rejecting the sick people. Among these sick people, there are diabetic patients, people with high blood pressure, or respiratory problems. Even 53% of the cancer patients are not getting proper treatment in the normal way.

The Findings of the Research

The findings of the research reveal that lots of people with severe or mild health problems aren’t having surgery, appointments, or even diagnostic tests. More than half of the people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or brain problems aren’t getting any care. In addition to these people, the overweight people and the people having artery injury are now at a greater risk.

Professor Michaela Benzeval has led to the conclusion of the research. The findings have been made based on 3,414 people with severe or mild health problems. The findings have given the experts a serious warning, which is about the inability of the patient to get proper medical care.

The chief executive of the Patients Association, Rachel Power, said that while NHS made the radical changes the services had been so impressive, and NHS shouldn’t congratulate itself too early. Rachel also added that the consequences for patients that had been curtailed hadn’t been identified.

Prof Marin Marshall is the chair of the Royal College of the GPs. He said that a harder decision of the NHS was to cancel so many treatments during that COVID-19 pandemic. He added that NHS did that in a purpose. In that way, they wanted to stop the patients from infecting by the coronavirus by coming into the hospital for receiving care.