COVID-19 Risk: Obesity Is an Important Factor for Dying in This Pandemic


  • Obesity can make the patients more vulnerable to COVID-19 than age.
  • Obesity can cause serious health problems.
  • Patients need to follow healthier lifestyles that can be hard to follow

COVID-19 Risk: Obesity Is a Major One

Almost all the people around the world have acknowledged that elderly people are most vulnerable to COVID-19 risk. But what do studies say of it? Studies of coronavirus affected patients in China, Italy, France, and the United States indicate that there are some chronic conditions that can make the situation worse. Obesity is the most problematic condition among them. Obesity can make the patient even more vulnerable to COVID-19 risk.

However, studies mention this obesity and COVID-19 connection based on the COVID-19 death cases and infected rate. So, health officials need to clear this out. It is true that obesity increases the risk of different respiratory diseases and failure. Also, it causes harm to the immune system.

What Do Doctors Say of It?

The patients should receive medical advice related to the body composition and metabolism rate. They should do exercise regularly. They can take help from some useful tools such as nutrition-tracking or optimizing applications.

In this consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors really need to treat the obesity problem of their patients. It is not a disease but can cause much harm. It is indeed hard for some patients to follow healthier lifestyles. However, the way to a healthier life needs some changes.

Dr. Kermit Jones, an internal medicine physician, says that most of his patients are well-aware of the fact that they need to do a lot of exercises to lose excess weight. But often, they fail and appear with a question – what can be the most effective way? What should they eat? What kind of exercises they should do? Should they try supplements?

Dr. Kermit Jones thinks that a 20 minutes interaction between doctor and patients isn’t enough to change their lifestyles.