COVID Updates: FDA Approves Remdesuvir for Corona Treatment

As per the recent COVID updates, the Food and Drug Administration approves Remdesivir as a COVID-treatment drug, until further advancements. 

It is fair to say that last month has been horrific for the USA, with death toll crossing 60,000. However, due to the economic implications of the pandemic, many states across the country are planning a partial lift on the lockdown. In this scenario, a new report suggests that the pandemic could continue for more than two years until  70% of the population becomes immune to the virus. 

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Remdesivir, an antiviral drug for coronavirus treatment. It has authorized Gilead Sciences to use the drug for treatment purposes. Gilead Sciences recently announced that drug testing has shown optimistic results. Following this, President Donald Trump approved its usage. 

While the drug has not shown any other safety issues, it is the only potential treatment available as of now. Apart from Remdesivir, numerous other drugs are currently under testing. 

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Other COVID updates

Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force has suggested to maintain social distancing for another three months or so. Most of the leading experts in this field are of the opinion normalcy is far-sighted, until there is a vaccine for the disease. 

As of now, the total number of COVID cases in the US stands at 1,104,161 with 65,068 deaths. 

COVID outbreak in prisons has been a massive cause of concern in the last three weeks. As per the latest reports, all Tennessee inmates and correction staff will be tested. Adequate action will be taken for those testing positive, in order to stop spreading of the virus. This holds additional importance, especially after more than half of the inmates at Trousdale Turner Correctional Center tested positive.