Today, investors have to make dozens of studies and checks before choosing a venture or cryptocurrency to invest money in. Basically, the crypto market is based on trust and can be considered as one of the most emotional markets in the world. Often, it’s rather difficult to understand which venture will be successful and to make decisions in the jungle of cryptocurrency related crowd-sales and ICOs.

Modern technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can help to solve this problem. Geordie Keelan, founder of Cropean Trade, combined the best practices from old with the new, aims to rewrite it’s legacy by bringing CFDs to greater heights with technology.
Geordie believes that with Cropean‘s unique and specialized understanding of trading methodologies and artificial intelligence software, Cropean Trade will be the flexible, powerful wealth generation platform in the world.

The development of modern information flow networks from one side makes it easier to get any data, fast and easy, however, this flood of information that each investor receives daily raises new concerns. The price of access to a comprehensive, reliable and rapid source of information is a fundamental part of the decision-making process in cryptocurrency investing.

Cropean Trade’s Electronic Computation Network Algorithm (ECNalgo) is a revolutionary artificial intelligence algorithm which improves on the powerful leveraged based CFD 2-way trading model by creating an advanced win-win model for our traders and capital providers.
ECN presents a highly rewarding model for all subscribers with full capital growth mechanisms, allowing them to take stable, consistent and daily profits on our winning trades and leveraging their capital for greater returns.

Cropean ECNalgo manages the Portfolio Index with high performance AI precision by adjusting the weight of every asset.

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