Scottsdale-based, UtekTik, has reached an agreement with Innovative Sourcing on a large distribution deal for the Pacific Northwest.

(Scottsdale, AZ) UtekTik, Inc., manufacturer of the UtekTik AutoRoller for pre-roll cones, has signed an agreement with Innovative Sourcing of Yakima, WA to be its exclusive distributor for Oregon and Washington State.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with one of the largest Pre-Roll Cone providers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond”, said Jim Palasota. The UtekTik Senior VP of Sales and Marketing points out that, “Innovative Sourcing simply understands this market and has positioned itself at the hub of everything Cones, so our partnership with them is a natural fit and good business.”

“Innovative Sourcing has specialized in packaging for all phases of agriculture since the 1990’s — especially for hemp, cannabis, and beverage”, says Chase Brader, CFO. “Being family owned means customer service is job number one.”
The partnership agreement between UtekTik and Innovative comes on the heels of UtekTik’s recent success at MJBizCon Show in Las Vegas. The UtekTik pre roll processing resembles an oversized coffee machine that produces up to three – four-thousand cannabis and hemp pre-roll cones in one day with one person working an eight-hour shift. This compares to the antiquated manual methods producing an average output of 800 or 900 pre-roll cones in an eight-hour day and requires a minimum of three – four employees.

“The UtekTik AutoRoller grinds, sifts, fills, weighs, shakes, tamps and twists,” said Chairman and CEO Jack Leadbeater. ” The UtekTik AutoRoller performs all these function in our low-cost desk top system.”

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ABOUT UTEKTIK: UtekTik is the first of its kind, automated pre-roll processing system. Designed specifically to address the rising equipment and labor costs associated with pre-rolls by combining the processes of grinding, sifting, filling, weighing, shaking, tamping, and twisting into one, easy to operate tabletop unit.

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