Bungie revealed Destiny 2 “Guardians for Australia” T-shirts on the 16th of January 2020, which will bear a “Star Light, Star Bright” in-game emblem code, which you can see below the tee. The Funds raised by this shirt will go to aid Australian firefighters and animal rescue workers. 


You can now pre-order for the “Guardians for Australia” T-shirt which are available now in the Bungie and Bungie EU stores, and will remain available until 9 am on the 18th of February. Australia has struggled to deal with the ravaging bushfires burning across the country for months now. Millions of hectares of forest land got burnt and destroyed. 

An estimated number of one billion animals have got lost into nothingness which includes some endangered species, which may have been driven to extinction; thousands have been forced to evacuate, and approximately 30 casualties have been reported so far. The Destiny 2 studio is planning to raise funds to contribute to provide guidance to firefighters. This conversation is effort to the country through the sale of limited edition T-Shirt. 

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From January 16, The T-Shirt is officially available on Bungie Store from 9 AM PT/12PM ET on February 18. The shirt design features the Guardian spaceship flying over Kangaroos on hot plain. It has the Destiny symbol on the corner of the shirt. Bungie is now selling the shirt as a fundraiser for firefighting and animal rescue efforts in Australia. 

The price of the T-shirts is $25/€28. The earning from the profit is donated to the New South Wales Fire Services. The remaining half is provided to WIRES. Edward brings into consideration of several other efforts which community is designing over the past two decades. Such supporting thousands of children Bungie iPads for Kids program. They provides guide to the victims of hurricane Harvey and Katrina. It donate to those affected by the earthquakes in Japan, Nepal, and Haiti. 

The Guardians have time-and-again proved that they are they are indeed the “true guardians” of mankind. It has indeed been an amazing force for good in our world, concluded Edwards, Foundation Manager.

The Bungie Foundation first Game2give campaign raises over more than $1.6 million to support the iPads for Kids Program and Children’s Miracle Network. For more information about Australia Fundraiser, this time estimation will be next week on TWAB updates.