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Digital fitness sector experiences a steep rise after the launch of FIIT

Chessie King flips her ponytail hairstyle right away from her face. Mathew Lewis-Carter, her partner is also seen grunting with sweat and exertion that is pouring down from his eyebrow. There are five different cameras that are picking up every single move that these trainers are trying to make. The daily fitness regime is shot at one of the East London studios where they are filming a highly intensive workout class for FIIT pioneers.

The sources are suggesting that the footage will be broadcast as a live program in FIIT app. With the help of the app, users from all around the world, even the US can get into shape without leaving their homes. They can also compete right across the live leaderboard. There are significant other classes which are in high demand.

By the looks of it, the footage will broadcast right through the FIIT app in the form of a live class. The users can easily join the app from anywhere in the world, especially at their homes. On the other hand, if the users choose to wear the provided heart-rate monitor then they can easily compete with several other users spread across the globe. If the users want, they can avail the classes in a less competitive environment.

The present-day fitness industry in the United Kingdom is around £4.9bn. In addition to this, Mintel, the market research group predicts that the fitness industry would grow up to £5.3bn by the year 2023. The aim of the modern-day streaming fitness industry is to bring the gym to the people themselves. Some of the fitness providers are putting into their resources to curate modern-day equipment and wearables. On the other hand, the users can also provide the guiding workouts simply via the phones.

FIIT came into being back in April 2018. More than 150,000 people have already downloaded the app. The data also suggests that the users have availed the combined classes of around 500,000. It is important to keep the sweat of the people on the floor. Every single class that NIIT provides had a run time of half an hour.

Given that the class is only 30-minute long, curating the classes and the workout regime takes a lot of hours. The physical trainer also has an important role in projecting the essence of positivity which is often associated with the presents TV-Children. Working out every day helps the body of human beings to become better and at the same time fitness would allow the people to live longer and healthier.