Digital Mapping of Coronavirus Contact Can Lift the Lockdown in Europe

The Digital Mapping of Coronavirus

The EU Commission has made an excellent plan for coordinating the withdrawal of lockdown. Their plan will include a role the digital tools, which will be called the digital mapping of coronavirus. It can be a powerful system that can report and trace the area. However, it has repeated that this type of tools should have “fully respect data privacy”.

European Commission in the COVID-19 Crisis

The Commission, last week, made the same call for a popular appearance to the apps and data to fight the novel coronavirus. Also, it emphasized the needs for technical steps to be taken to make sure that the rights and freedoms of the citizens are not lighted in the struggle for tech fixing.

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in a statement on the full guideline, said that the responsible designing and balancing the interest or protection of public health properly of their societies needed a firm foundation. That was the reason why the European Commission has drawn up a manual of guide, measures, and criteria, which would provide an excellent basis for taking proper action. She added that the real strength of Europe lied in the economic and social balance, and together, they learnt from each other and assisted their European Union out of that crisis.

The Commission has been directing to the telcos to give the fuzzy metadata for this digital mapping of coronavirus modelling. The Commission wants it done by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union. Last week, the Commission wrote to 19 mobile operators to materialize the request.

It reads that the social media, as well as the mobile operators, can propose plenty of data on mobility, social interactions, and voluntary reports of disease case. Such data in an aggregated format in accordance with the EU data privacy and protection rules could improve the quality of the modelling.