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Digital Signatures are in trend, Market to Set New Growth Cycle in 2020

20th June, 2020 – This year hand written signatures are out of trend and the digital signature emerges as a much better alternative. Digital signatures are popular among the business community and even with common people because everyone needs to sign and authenticate online documents and send via email. People from the business community find a better solution to run a business and sign all documents, even without visiting the office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, limited staff is allowed at the office and needs to maintain social distancing as well. Business owner or the person holding the signing authority can stay at home and can sign all the documents from there. A digital signing certificate makes it possible to sign all business related documents. These types of signature are legally valid and trusted all over the world. Using a Digital Signature one can sign thousands of files with one click even without being in the office. SSLRetail, a digital signature selling business reveals that the sale of digital signatures and personal authentication signatures increases just after COVID-19 outburst. PDF signing certificate provides trusted assurance of authentication for electronically transmitted documents by validating author and document. This signature is issued by Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) or the Certificate Authorities that are members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). Certification attests that the signer has been verified by Adobe for compliance to its requirements and that the certificate is on the protected hardware USB token. CPACs (Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates) are known for email signing and documents signing certificates and are quite in use these days among business circles and business communities. Since there are three variants of CPAC SSL Certificate are used in the market. Thus one needs to carefully decide which one among the three serves the purpose of the specific business and its needs. Each variant of Comodo Personal Certificate endows with email encryption, document signing, and email signing. Remember it that there is a noticeable difference in authentication level according to industry requirements. The difference among the three variants is as follows: CPAC (Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate) authenticates only the email address of the signatory and only the email control validation is required. CPAC Pro Certificate authenticates the email address in addition to the full name of the signatory. It requires the validation of email ownership besides it also needs to identify the user’s verification. CPAC Enterprise Certificate goes much further by increasing the security level with authentication of email address, full name of the signatory, company name with its postal address. It requires validation of email control, identity validation and validation of the organization. Personal Authentication Certificate provides you and your business a good level of security, as it secures documents, email communication and establishes your authentication against online services. It’s now time to protect your company as well as yourself from COVID-19, use digital signature, and stay safe.

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