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Dubai Police Takes Initiative to Educate Residents on Virtual Asset Regulation

Dubai Police Takes Initiative to Educate Residents on Virtual Asset Regulation
Dubai Police Takes Initiative to Educate Residents on Virtual Asset Regulation

In response to the burgeoning landscape of digital assets, Dubai, a globally acclaimed city of innovation, has inaugurated regulations governing these transactions. With Law No. 4 of 2022, also known as Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulation, the Emirate has manifested its commitment to organizing this progressive financial realm. An instructional video released by the Dubai Police provides clarity on this law’s critical aspects.

Empowering the Public through Digital Assets Education

Dubai’s government aims to empower its citizens with knowledge about the fluid dynamics of digital assets. The comprehensive video serves as an essential resource for understanding the city’s Virtual Assets Regulation, facilitating comprehension of digital asset ownership’s intricacies.

Dissecting Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulation

This instructional video breaks down the specifics of Law No. 4 of 2022, the cornerstone of Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulation. Specifically, Article 15 within the Regulating Virtual Assets and Conducting the Activity section dictates that all activities in Dubai related to virtual assets must first obtain a permit from the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).

The video underlines the importance of this permit, which will be provided in alignment with current legislation and the prerequisites established by the Director General. Hence, for anyone aspiring to operate within this realm, establishing a business in Dubai is a critical first step.

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Mastering the Art of Commercial Licensing

The instructional video further highlights that prospective operators must comply with a legal structure approved by the relevant commercial licensing authority in Dubai. Whether the activity is planned within Dubai or any of its free zones, securing the correct approvals from VARA is imperative.

Before securing licensing procedures from the competent authority, the video advises that the activity in question must comply with all regulations, rules, and conditions of the permit.

Dubai: Pioneering the Digital Frontier

In the realm of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets, Dubai remains a trailblazing force. The city’s revolutionary initiatives, such as the world’s first Bitcoin Tower, continue to astound the global community.


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