EA Sports the Gaming Giant Firm will be making its way to the mobile by launching one of its most Grossed game in PC Apex Legends by the end of this year. On a video conference where EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson was talking about mobile gaming which was leaked on Twitter.

In the video, EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson reveals that the company is planning to soft-launch its game named Apex Legends which is now currently available on PC and consoles and this would be launched on mobile by the end of this year.

Last year May, Electronic Arts (EA) had announced its plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile with no timeline. Now, as per the video shared by ApexLatest on Twitter, CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, in a conference call, shared some information about the mobile version of the battle royale game.

Andrew Wilson states that the company plans to make a soft launch for the game Apex Legends on mobile by the end of this year.

A soft launch of a game means that it would have a limited number of players including a small audience which allows the company to evaluate the status of the game before its launch, helping it to improve the game before releasing it the masses.

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Andrew Wilson spoke about the game launch including several other games to be launched on the mobile platform. All the games are on various stages of development.

As of now, EA has not officially shared any information about the mobile version of Apex Legends. And, since this will be a soft launch of the game, it is possible that it won’t reach most users until next year.