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Easy Gift Ideas Your Spouse Will Love


Let’s face it: gift giving is hard! As a spouse, you want to give your significant other a gift that shows exactly how much you care about them. But unless they give you a wish list or drop some serious hints, it’s a real challenge to figure out what exactly that gift is. 

Plus, gift-giving has its major faux paux. Purchase your fiance a nice perfume and she may read it as a sign that you think she stinks. Get your husband a new powertool and he may think you’re trying to tell him to step it up around the house. Gift-giving can feel like a minefield! 

If you’re staring down yet another holiday with no idea what to buy your spouse, we’re here to help. Here are easy gift ideas that your spouse is sure to love. 

For the Instagrammer: A Professional Camera 

Is your wife so Insta-crazy that she’s turned you into an Instagram Husband?  Show your star that you support her craft by gifting her a professional camera. Not only will it boost her online presence, but it will also show her that you’ve fully embraced your behind-the-camera role. Plus, if she ever outgrows the ‘Gram, she’ll have a great piece of equipment to photograph your future endeavors, whether that may be travels, parties, or even kids! 

When selecting the perfect cam for your ma’am, here are some things to look for: 

  • Performs well in all light conditions: She doesn’t want to miss out on the perfect post just because it’s dark out! 
  • Lightweight and durable: Every Instagram maven knows that the best photo ops are often unexpected. This way, she’ll keep it on her at all times! 
  • Easy transfer of photos: For easy editing, choose a camera that makes transferring photos to her cell phone a breeze. 

Our pick: Sony a7 III

For the Gym Rat: A Brand New Gym Kit 

For a husband who is a real gym rat, there’s no better treat than a brand new gym kit. We all know how worn and, ahem, fragrant his clothes get workout after workout. Why not gift him a new look that’s not only fresher, but fly-er, too! 

Put together a fully-loaded gym kit, complete with: 

  • High-performance, sweat-wicking gym clothes: New shorts and a workout tee can keep him cooler and more comfortable throughout his workout 
  • A brand new pair of gym shoes: Remember, not all men’s shoes are made alike! Pick his pair according to what he does in the gym. There are specially designed shoes for running, cross-training, and even Crossfit. 
  • A compact microfiber towel: Hand towels may do the trick, but get your man a top-of-the-line microfiber towel for real absorption. They’re lightweight and ultra-packable, so he won’t need to work around a bulky towel. 
  • A compact, waterproof gym bag: Waterproofing will help make sure any damp gym clothes don’t leave a permanent mark. 

Our pick: Adidas Team Issue 2 Duffel Bag

For the Spouse Who has Everything: A Trip for Two 

Perhaps the hardest spouse to choose a gift for is the spouse who just has, well, everything! Not only can it feel impossible to pick a gift for a spouse who has already bought themself everything, but you may find yourself asking, “Do they really need more stuff?” Rather than adding another item to their overflowing closet, get them the only gift that’s truly priceless: the gift of great memories. 

The best way to do this is, of course, a trip for two. Remember that, while a trip can be luxurious and expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Some of the best memories can be made at a campground in the woods or on a road trip across the country. The most important thing is to pick something they’ll love, and do it right there alongside them. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire you: 

  • Book a nearby campground: When you’re off the grid, there’s so much time to build memories. Surprise them with a campside meal of their favorite, campfire-friendly foods and spend the evening staring at the stars. 
  • Play tourist in your own city: Book an Airbnb in your own city and take them to all those places you’ve talked about going, but never made it to. You’ll be surprised how surprising your own backyard may be! 

Our pick: Find your nearest state park

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