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Emcee Fresh releases a powerful, groovy, and motivating hip-hop/rap single ‘Clap Your Hands’, engineered by Grammy-winning Joshua Smith. The release features catchy, infectious melodic elements with a driving flow that will grasp the listener. ‘Clap Your Hands’ will hook the listeners in with the lyrical wordplay and hard-hitting instrumentation. The single, taking inspiration from a song you may know, delivers melodic elements, a driving bassline, and a raw, unique flow that will have people hooked. Undoubtedly, the single has the ability to resonate with the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that will have people playing it over and over. Emcee Fresh does an outstanding job of keeping the track refreshing and engaging through the powerful lyricism, and atmospheric, feel-good elements. ‘Clap Your Hands’ is a complete single that will sit well with any hip-hop/Christian rap music aficionado as it is catchy, unique, and anthemic. 

About Emcee Fresh

Emcee Fresh is an emerging hip-hop artist and songwriter originating from Houston, Texas. Starting at a young age, music has been part of Fresh’s life. Doing shows at the age of eighteen, Emcee Fresh quickly started making a name for himself. The rising artist delivers a unique spin to hip-hop, making it his own. His style and sound will captivate listeners around the world. The Texas native seeks to reach as many people as possible, and connect with them through his music. Having performed at various renowned venues in Texas, Emcee Fresh has the talent and skill to hook in audiences. Emcee Fresh is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to leave his footprint in the music scene.

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