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FDA approves a new cutting-edge medical device that treats scoliosis

3D printing is a core element when it comes to creating medical implants and designing jet engines. There is a new breakthrough that comes from CAMAL. Moreover, CAMAL did combine its forces with Siemens, General Motors, and GE Additive to bring the new medical device forward. The latest report suggests that the recent breakthrough began from a simplistic endeavor while exploring the benefits of 3D printing to curate medical implants.

Later, the medical implants became a robust multidisciplinary hub which pushes boundaries of almost everything, ranging from plant science to medicine. In simpler terms, there is an on-going digital transformation which will have a direct impact on the manufacturing of devices. Moreover, the critical technological revolutions such as Cloud, Industry 4.0, and IoT are the key factors which would enable a subtle digital transformation in the manufacturing sector.

The new smart and intuitive scoliosis device from Shriners Hospital gets approval from the FDA. The curators did also come with the name of the state-of-the-art equipment to treat scoliosis, Tether. After receiving support from the FDA, the device would provide both an alternative that can correct the curve while maintaining the needed flexibility in a person’s spine.

Children’s Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia did specifically develop several techniques and methods to curate the device. According to medical experts, Tether is the first of its kind manufacturing product which will hit the commercial markets soon. On the other hand, Tether is also the first-ever product which is individually available for the VBT. The medical experts can use the device to aid patients who have scoliosis.

The device has massive applications, and it can be used to carry out surgical procedures for the patients as well. The working principle of Tether is also extremely different than that of the conventional method to help scoliosis patients. The device doesn’t use the metal rods, and instead, it utilizes a very flexible, strong and a cord which gently pulls out the exterior part of the scoliosis curve, it would also straighten out the spine.

With the help of Tether, a medical expert will place a screw in each vertebra of the curve and then attach it to the flexible cord of the spine in a completely straight position. The Tether can stop the progression of the spine and re-align it in a natural state. Furthermore, this would help the spine to get back to its original state, and it will also maintain flexibility. The new machine would help the children to grow. The children will not have to live their lives with a disfigured body. Moreover, the surgery will halt the progression and keep the spine straight.

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