The morning after the Tornadoes

On Monday around 3 AM, Jermaine Gains heard an emergency alert on this cell phone that warned him of upcoming tornadoes. At first, he didn’t consider this as a serious issue, but when he heard the heavy wind and the debris beating the walls of his home, he became alert. At that time, he didn’t understand what he should do. He quickly ran to another bedroom, and there he used his body to cover his mother, who is currently 66 years old.

After the night, he walked around his house and found that his owned lawnmower was hanging from a branch of some fallen trees in the backyard. Also, he found some strange things there. He asked himself who knows how those things had come there. There was another surprise that was waiting for Gaines.

He found that his porch is missing and the roof is severely punched open. But, as he started clearing the yard of debris, he understood that there were more things that go missing. His black and white cat, named Oreo, was missing. The cat was outside when the tornadoes appeared.

What else is waiting for them?

Residential blocks, homes, restaurants, and apartments from South Carolina had completely been destroyed by the tornadoes that began around 3 AM on Monday. Hundreds of people are now without electricity supplies. Still, the actual number of people displaced from the place is not known. After COVID-19 crisis, the tornadoes have arrived. What more to go?

On Monday morning, neighbours walked in a small team under the blue sky, and some of them took protective steps to fight COVID-19 crisis. Some people sat on metal chairs and stared at the fallen trees like they couldn’t believe their eyes. There are missing roofs, shattered windows, broken and destroyed power lines, and so on.