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FMovies: Most Easy Place to Watch HD Movies Free in 2020

With changing times, the way we watch movies has transformed.

From black and white TVs, to smart LED display TVs, from theatres to laptops and phones, the advancements in technology has made it possible for us to watch HD movies for free at home, without paying a single penny.

Many students often look for alternatives where they can watch movies for free. There are many sites where you can watch movies for free. One such website is FMovies.

In this article, we are going to talk about FMovies, other sites like fmovies, top fmovies alternatives, and how to access these sites safely.


FMovies: What is it?


FMovies is a free online HD movie streaming website where you can watch movies free and also there are countless TV shows which are easily accessible without paying a penny.

Fmovies website has gained immense popularity over the past few years due to its extensive content library.

The contents are categorized on the basis of genres, countries , by year of release and languages.

All these filters help you to find what you have been looking for.

Fmovies io was the most popular domain in the recent years, however, fmovies io domain is not working now.

In place of that there are a lot other Fmovies domains including Fmovies cab from where you can access the free online streaming platform.


Current Domain of Fmovies

Since Fmovies is an unauthorized third party website, it does not store any files on its server.

All the contents are provided by non- affiliated third parties. Hence these websites are illegal and often taken down by governments and Internet service providers.

Currently these are the active domains of Fmovies:



Most accessible website of Fmovies:

Fmovies cab is one of the most accessible websites of FMovies.

Here you can find an extensive content library full of old and latest movies and web series.

The entire library is divided into various categories and hence you can easily find the movies that you have been looking for.


5  Trending Movies on Fmovies

1.Harry potter Series-

harry potter series- fmovies
harry potter series- fmovies

This British-American film series based on the novels by author J. K. Rowling.

The series consists of eight fantasy films, beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  and terminating with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.


2.The Terminator-

the terminator - fmovies
the terminator – fmovies

The Terminator is a 1984 American film directed by James Cameron. It has Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn in the lead roles.


3.Lemonade Mouth-

lemonade mouth - fmovies
lemonade mouth – fmovies

It is a 2011 American teen musical drama television film, based on the 2007 novel.

The film was directed by Patricia Riggen and written by April Blair. The movie stars Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael.


4.XXX- The next level-

XXX- the next level - fmovies
XXX- the next level – fmovies

It is  a 2005 American action film directed by Lee Tamahori and a sequel to the 2002 film XXX. The movie stars Vin Diesel, and  Rob Cohen in lead roles.


5.Hotel Transylvania 3-

hotel transylvania 3 - fmovies
hotel transylvania 3 – fmovies

It is a 2018 American computer-animated comedy film sequel to Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015).

It was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and written by Tartakovsky and Michael McCullers. The movie features Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Sadie.


Most Watched Movies and Series on Fmovies:


1.Twilight 2008

Twilight 2008 full movie online for free on fmovies is one of the most watched movies on FMovies.

The film stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson


2.X-men: apocalypse

X-men: apocalypse full movie online on fmovies is another most watched movie on Fmovies.

X-Men: Apocalypse is the sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past and the ninth film in the X-Men film franchise.


3.It chapter 2

Fmovies It chapter 2 has been very popular on the platform and has been watched by a lot of viewers. The main cast of the movie is Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, and Isaiah Mustafa.

Top 10 alternative to Fmovies:


putlockers - fmovies
putlockers – fmovies

Putlockers is one of the top alternatives to Fmovies.

It is one of the places where you can have an exhaustive media library.

All the movies and web series are categorized into various genres. Even the videos are available in various qualities.

There are even IMDB reviews for every film and hence makes it easy to choose on the basis of popular choice.

When Putlockers came into limelight, it was taken down after several months. Again Putlockers2 came into existence.

It has a very catchy web layout and will catch your attention right away.  You can find all retro classics, old movies and newly arrived movies as well.



123movies - fmovies
123movies – fmovies

Second top alternative to FMovies is 123movies.

It is a Vietnam based website which has innumerable films from various genres.

This website has garnered a lot of popularity over the years due to its fresh brewing content. You do not have to pay a penny and you can still watch HD movies.

There are various genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Mystery, Romance whose movies can be found on 123Movies.

The website has a sleek and classy layout which will attract your attention right away. It is one of the popular illegal streaming websites in the world.



gomovies - fmovies
gomovies – fmovies

GoMovies is another site like Fmovies and no doubt a top contender in this list.

It is one of the most sought after free HD movie streaming websites. You can find many movies over here.

The entire movie collection is divided into various sections such as Latest Movies, Latest TV Series, and Latest Episodes.

Almost all the latest hits are leaked on this website.

Some of the top movies which were leaked in 2020 are Ford v Ferrari, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, and more. Some recent movie releases are 1917, Avengers, Parasite, Love Aaj Kal 2 and many more.



movies 4k - fmovies
movies 4k – fmovies

Movies4K has been in the picture for a very long time.

It is one such site which has won the hearts of the audience due to its content library and authenticity.

The website layout is extremely easy to use and has drawn huge traffic. At this website you can find copyrighted content and hence you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.

The media library includes movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and Popular films. All the contents are well categorized and hence everything is easily available.

The picture and sound quality of the movies will definitely amaze you.



Rainierland - fmovies
Rainierland – fmovies

Similar to FMovies, Rainierland is another online movies streaming website where you can find diverse movies from various genres and countries for free.

The user interface is simple and classy. There are various categories and filters using which you can find the movies.

Its simplicity is what keeps the users intrigued and has always been a popular choice.

At Rainerland, you can even find all the episodes from all the seasons of web series and TV shows. Hence it is the ultimate place to visit, if you are planning to have an uninterrupted watching session on the weekend.



YIFY movies has some amazing filter options which makes it an audience’s choice.

There are various filters such as genres, ratings, and year of release on the basis of which you can find your favorite movies amidst the ocean of options.

This site does not require any registration to reap its services. Well, one drawback of this website is the annoying pop-up ads which might lead to frequent halts during your binge watching hours.

If you install an Ad blocker , then you are good to go. You can even download from YIFY movies and watch them later.



solarmovies - fmovies
solarmovies – fmovies

The coolest online streaming website is no doubt Solar Movies.

It lets you watch multiple films and TV shows and series for free.

It does not ask for any registration or signup. Every month over ten million users visit this site.

Some of the movies genres available at Solarmovies are Action, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Animation, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Biography, Documentaries and the list is pretty long.

The content on this website is updated regularly and hence you will never miss out on any latest arrivals.

The entire media library is well sorted and divided into categories and hence you will find this website easy to use.



Afdah - fmovies
Afdah – fmovies

Another popular Fmovies alternative is surely Afdah.

Just like Fmovies you can watch HD movies online for free.

All movies are classified into various categories based on year of release, language , country, genres, director, cast and even alphabetical order.

You can watch movies without paying any subscription fees and you do have to even register or give away your details.

This website has got a positive audience response due to its crisp picture and sound quality which no other website can deliver. This website is extremely easy to use and truly user friendly. Do visit and explore this website.



1movies - fmovies
1movies – fmovies

1Movies website is another online free HD movie streaming site like FMovies where you can find all the freshly released movies and TV shows.

The extensive media library will grab your attention as soon as you land on this website.

Again, the entire content is well categorized and divided into various sections and hence makes your movie searching operation quite hassle free.

But unlike other free movie streaming sites, you will not find any annoying pop-up advertisements. Looks like you smiled.

Didn’t you? Also this website works well on all kinds of OS like iOS, Windows, and Linux. You can access this site from any of your gadgets.



yes movies - fmovies
yes movies – fmovies

Lastly, Fmovies top alternatives is YesMovies.

It is a free HD movie streaming website that does not charge a penny.

Despite being an illegal third party website, it has gained immense popularity due to its vast media library. You can find many movies and TVseries.

There are various genres like Comedy, Adventure, Action, Documentaries, Thrillers and many more.

The website has a bright, sleek and simple layout which is easy to use. Again ,there are pop-up advertisements on this website. And you know what to do.

You can even download your favorite movies into your gadgets and watch them later.


Ways to access Fmovies alternatives safely:

As mentioned earlier, Fmovies is a third party unauthorized website which hosts pirated content and hence accessing any free website could be risky.

But there are certain precautions to be taken to prevent landing yourself in legal troubles.

Firstly, install a strong antivirus software on your device to prevent any cyber attacks, and keep harmful viruses, malwares at bay.

Next thing, install an Ad Blocker to prevent the annoying pop-up ads from interrupting your movie watching hours.

Lastly, the most important thing, install a VPN.


VPNs: In detail:

VPN, Virtual Private Network is a necessary element in today’s time. It is a great tool that helps to mask your original IP address with a fake address.

It helps you to bypass content restrictions. They use powerful encryption and make a hidden pathway that prevents third parties such as the government and internet service providers ( ISP’s)  from knowing your details and internet activity.

They also provide protection from viruses and other potential threats. Here is a list of top 5 VPNs that you can use in 2020.

[table id=1 /]



express vpn
express vpn

This VPN is the top one in the market.

It offers various features like DNS leak protection, kill switch technology for enhanced protection, and better standard encryption services. This VPN can be used simultaneously on 5 devices.



nord vpn
nord vpn

Other best VPN to use in 2020 is NordVPN.

This VPN comes with many amusing features such as superb loading speed, user friendly, military grade encryption, DNS Leak protection, two kill switches , proxy extensions, and strong security. 6 devices can be connected at a go using this VPN.




Another popular VPN which is used worldwide is CyberGhost.

Some notable attributes of this VPN are high speed streaming, Wi-Fi transmission protection, torrenting files, bypass censorship and blocking unnecessary ads.

This VPN service can be availed on 7 devices.


4.Surf Shark


SurfShark is a much sought after VPN in 2020.

It offers a plethora of benefits like strict no-logs policy, kill switch technology, private DNS and leak protection, camouflage mode, NoBorders mode, secure protocols and strong encryption.

The ‘CleanWeb’ technology blocks viruses, ads, and malwares.



ip vanish

The final VPN in our list is IPVanish. As the name goes, it helps to vanish your IP address.

Along with it, it also provides other features like split tunneling feature, better speed and security, unlimited bandwidth and server switching.

You can connect this VPN to upto 5 devices.


Ending Note:

It is always advisable to make wise choices and go for legal alternatives if you can afford them.

Also have sound knowledge about your country’s cyber law before accessing any free site.

Throughout this article, we have given information about FMovies, its alternatives, what are the popular movies that you should watch on Fmovies and also how to access this site safely. We hope that you found this article useful.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to tell us about your experience with Fmovies and its alternatives in the comment section below.

Let us help other people in the community to make a wise choice.


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1.Is Fmovies safe?

You might be wondering, is fmovies safe or not? Is it legal or not?

Well, till date, no user ever claimed that they have been in any kind of trouble due to watching movies on FMovies.

This website has been running since years and has always been in good books. But still we suggest you install a VPN, Antivirus and Ad Blocker before accessing any free site.


2.How to download movies from Fmovies?

It is very easy to download movies from FMovies.

Firstly, open FMovies website or any of the active domains of the website which we have mentioned earlier.

Using the filters on the homepage, search for your favorite movie

After you tap on the movie poster, a download link will be made available.

Click on “Download,” and you will be redirected to another site, but in a different window, the downloading will begin.


3.Is it illegal to download movies from Fmovies?

It is an illegal site which hosts content without obtaining the original copyrights of the content from the original content creator.

Since it has pirated content, many countries’ laws prohibit people from accessing the Fmovies websites.

If you visit this website through illegal means, then it is considered as an offence.

It totally depends on your country’s laws. Some countries impose heavy fines on the users for watching content from pirated websites. Hence, know about your country’s cyber law before using Fmovies.