George Floyd Protest Update

The brutal murder of George Floyd by four police officers has given rise to an unrest situation in the United States. People have come out of their home for George Floyd protest. In this unrest situation, four officers in the St. Louis were being healed from the wounds. At the same time, in Las Vegas, a man was dead, and a police officer was on life support. All of these incidents are the result of violent protests throughout the country.

The US President announced he would deploy the US military if the state governments and mayors failed to control the situation with the National Guard. Hours after this announcement, clashes took place across the nation. Though there were some peaceful expressions in regions like Phoenix, Texas, and Fort Worth, in some regions like Chicago, and Los Angeles, there were combative moments.

Some recent developments related to the murder of George Floyd

  • The funeral of George Floyd will be organized on 9th June in Houston. A former boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, offered to pay for that funeral services.
  • Prior to the funeral, there will be two memorial services – one in North Carolina, another in Minneapolis.
  • The autopsy revealed that George Floyd was suffocated to death. His family was now demanding first-degree murder charges against the police officer named Derek Chauvin.
  • After a night of the protest, one man was dead, and a police officer was given life support.

Four Officers Had Been Shot

George Floyd protest updates indicate that four police officers in St. Louis were shot on Tuesday. The department posted on twitter that read that the police officers were taken to a hospital, and they had injuries. But it had been assumed that the injuries were not so fatal and life-threatening. They didn’t find out the individual who fired those shots.

Hundreds of people gathered and started their protest peacefully on Monday afternoon. Protestors walked to the Gateway Arch National Park later on that day. After that, the protestors get together in front of the police headquarters, and there the officers fired the tear gas.