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Gone With the Wind – Removed by the HBO Max


  • An American epic historical romantic and civil war film Gone With the Wind
  • HBO has removed the film
  • A call from John Ridley
  • The racism in America with an Oscar winner actress

The US Civil War – Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind is the US civil war and historical romance based movie. The HBO Max has removed the movie after protests over its illustration of slavery. HBO Max is now a streaming service that has been started by Warner Bros. It is a rival to Disney+ and Netflix.

John Ridley was an Oscar-winning scriptwriter. He wrote an amazing script “12 Years a Slave”, and here he depicted the Gone With the Wind as a movie when it is not avoiding the severe consequences of slavery, stops to maintain some of the painful stereotypes of people with colors.

Ridley said that at a moment when they were all thinking about what more they could to for fighting intolerance, he would have asked all the content providers to look at the libraries and build good-faith effort so that they could separate programming.

What does HBO say of it?

In a statement, HBO said that the illustrations of those racists had been so wrong then and still reigning in the current era. They had felt that keeping that title up without any explanation of those illustrations would be so irresponsible.

The film, Gone With the Wind, was released in 1939. It won 8 Oscars and was a hit across the US and in other countries. But the African American activists and writers raised an objection to its illustration. A review called the movie a weapon of terror against black Americans. But Carlton Moss, a dramatist and a film-maker, wrote that the film was like a nostalgic appeal for sympathy.

Hattie McDaniel was the first African American actress who won an Oscar as a supporting actress. She had a role as a house servant Mammy. But, she wasn’t allowed to have a seat and participate in the dinner with the others at the Academy Awards dinner in Los Angeles, at Ambassador Hotel.