As the tech industry is constantly showcasing and surprising users with launching advanced developments, this is going to continue with an intention to change the employment landscape working in the United States. Google dropped a view that they are looking forward to working on the preparations to increase a good amount of job opportunities in the industry. The search engine giant organization revealed that there are releasing a new course in the coding language Python, which would be considered a major skill that most of the employers are eagerly searching for. 


The program would be named as the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate. Reportedly, this program would be experienced through the online education service, Coursera. Google has designed a program with a six-course program is beginner level Python, which will be combined to the final capstone project focused on programming for automation.

Furthermore, Google also responded that this program has raised the fund of around 25,00 need-based scholarships related to IT training through, which is believed to a philanthropic arm. The scholarships will progress through nonprofits including Merit America, GoodWill, and Upwardly Global.

As Python is considered as one of the most and highly recommended programming languages, and over more than 530,00 US jobs along with 75,000 entry-level jobs require python proficiency. Preferring the new certificate pattern, any individual can learn Python, IT automation, Git in almost six months and not more. 

The program is designed including an introduction with new skills to solve errors and fix bugs that have been encountered and final projects such as building a new web service with the help of automation. 

The Python course is usually a part of Grow with Google associated with an initiative to enclose around three years ago where the company pledged $1 billion to support job seekers for tech jobs. 

In October 2019, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and White House Advisor Ivanka Trump made an announcement that a Google program is aiming to offer around 250,000 training opportunities over the next five years for Americans to learn technology skills.

CEO also responded that this would be the positive sign to raise a Pledge to America’s Workers and the extraordinary effort performed by the White House on this program. They are looking for more positive developments and expansion angles for the program that can educate, and American workers from high-school age to almost retirement. 

Talking about the shares involved in Alphabet, on Tuesday around 8% of shares are plunged with the market cap of Google’s parent company of worth $70billion to $831 billion as investors are lashed out after first-quarter earnings report. 

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