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A Computer Program to Get the Delivery Slots of Amazon Fresh


  • Perhaps you are facing a hard time to find a time slot for grocery delivery from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh.
  • It is like there was never a time slot before.
  • Someone built a script for the Mac, which will send you a signal when one appears. But remember, you need to move fast.

Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Delivery

Because of the coronavirus issue, the entire USA is under lockdown, and the citizens are not allowed to go out of their house. In addition to this, a lot of people are at a great health risk of being infected by COVID-19. Even they aren’t visiting nearby grocery shops since it is now nearly impossible to get groceries from any stores.

There are some services like Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Whole Foods delivery that will allow you to choose groceries to buy, but, because of this high demand, their slots are now very tough to find.

This is a great problem, especially for those people who are afraid of going to grocery stores. Adrian Hertel, a student, having computer science as a minor at Georgetown University, made an easy computer program, which will notify you automatically when the slot of Whole Foods delivery or Amazon Fresh opens. You can place your order after the notification. Hertel said that he had created the app as he was tensed about his parents as both of them had a weaker immune system. He added that his parents couldn’t be able to get the grocery slots for several days, and he really wanted to make a solution so that his parents wouldn’t need to expose themselves.

Hertel revealed that the app wouldn’t ask for any information of the users, and everything the app will do is – simply send a notification to the users whenever the slots open up.