Today the Blizzard has broken the hero pools because of the portion of its recently discovered adventure to keep Overwatch more energetic. Blizzard has temporarily banned some widely favorite character, and the victims of their new system include – Baptiste, Orisa, Mei, and Hanzo. They are highly popular and now are out of the orbit as a part of the 21st competitive season of the game.

In January, Blizzard first declared the hero pools along with a newer mode. In that newer mode, the developers can try their new and innovative ideas including the changing of the game constantly so that gamers may find it more craving. The developers want to change this as they don’t want to let a single character to dominate for longer period.

Don’t worry, the pool of these banned heroes will continue changing on weekly basis, and it is announced that no heroes will completely be outside of the orbit for over two consecutive weeks. The principal game designer named Scott Mercer said that they are trying to mention to the gamers that the game won’t be changed rapidly, but there will be changes in aggressive balance. Their target is to make Overwatch an ever-lasting game.

There are other games such as League of Legends, have also experienced this problem as the developers banned specific characters just before there is a competitive match. However, the principal designer thinks it won’t be a good option for this one (Overwatch). He said that they hadn’t wanted to turn that pre-match session into something where the players need to waste 5 minutes by looking at the hero portraits. He is well aware about the people who are always arguing about the heroes’ capability. Also, the heroes who will be banned in the following week, has also been announced by the professional Overwatch League. Like the hero pools, those banned characters will be back in the game again.