Apple iOS is one of the most used platforms in the world with millions of devices around the world. Some users of iOS change their location while they are visiting website which cant be accessed in their country. People use an iOS GPS spoofing app for faking location on iPhone and iOS. 

People choose to change their location on the phone with an app rather than using a VPN while browsing its a very efficient way and come with more features than a VPN.

Why do people use iOS GPS spoofing?

People love to change their location while using certain apps that are banned in their country. For eg: People living in China use iOS GPS spoofing to help them visit sites like Facebook and Youtube which are banned in their country.

Users who play games like Pokemon Go love to change their location to catch pokemon. You can use an iOS GPS spoofing device for many fun things like checking in to restaurants and places you want to visit. 

Faking location on iPhone and Android is done by multiple people for various personal reasons for which I would suggest you use Dr. Fone Virtual Location. 

Review Dr. Fone Virtual Location Features

Dr. Fone Virtual location is an iOS location changer for Apple devices that is used for privacy and for some other reasons. I have listed some of the features of Dr. Fone Virtual location are listed below.

Teleporting location 

Users need to teleport their location in order to fake their iPhone and iOS device location. Dr. Fone does that with just one-click and its really simple to teleport your location with the app. Teleporting and Faking location on iPhone is safe and simple on Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. 

You can use any location in the world to fake locations on iPhone using this iOS GPS spoofing device.  

Set GPS along real roads

One of the best features I love using on Dr. Fone – Virtual Location is that you can change set your GPS path along the road which makes it one of the best iOS GPS spoofing apps in the market.

The level of accuracy is amazing and you would fall in love with the app also not to forget that the app is secure and safe to use.  

Set the speed on GPS location 

One of the most remarkable features of Dr. Fone – Virtual Location is that users can set the speed on the path they are traveling which is offered by very few other apps in the market. 

Users can set the speed in miles per hour (Mph) and Kilo Meters per Hours (KMPH) so you don’t get confused with the metric system.

Can use on 5 devices

After purchasing the app users can use the app on 5 devices so you don’t need to worry if you have an iPad and iPhone. You can use iOS GPS spoofing on 5 devices that are offered by very few of its competitors.

I use Dr. Fone – Virtual Location of most of my Apple devices which makes it perfect for GPS spoofing. 

1 click use

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is really simple to use with just one click function. It is as simple as using Google maps. Users have really loved the user experience of Dr. Fone for iOS GPS spoofing.

Final Review

I would highly recommend Dr.Fone – Virtual Location for iOS GPS spoofing the feature and the best the market can offer and the price is very competitive. One of the best features I personally love is the apps user experience and setting GPS along with real road features. If you are looking for iOS GPS spoofing apps then Dr. Fone is the best for Apple iPhone and iOS