How to get bitcoin and why is it important?


There is a rising interest in bitcoin all over the world. People across the economic strata have started talking about bitcoin, though very few seem to know how bitcoin functions. In a nutshell, bitcoin is a digital or cryptocurrency through which any amount of money can be sent anywhere in the world. Unlike stocks, you can get your cryptocurrencies from the crypto exchange and store them in a wallet for as long as you wish.

 Although you can directly cash out your bitcoins, you can sell them anonymously through crypto exchange and get the desired fiat currency. The crypto exchange helps you get a buyer and estimate the converted amount in fiat currency. After the sale is complete, you get your money within two to three days. There are ways to get bitcoin. To begin with, you have to acquire a bitcoin address through which it operates. 

How to get a bitcoin address

A legit Bitcoin address is like your bank account number that stores all your bitcoins and keeps a ledger of your balance; the only difference is that it does not look like your everyday bank account number. It usually starts with 1 or 3, followed by a lengthy alphanumeric string.  

Three general types of bitcoin addresses

  1. P2PKH: This type of bitcoin starts with the numeric 1.
  2. P2SH: This begins with numeric 2.
  3. Bech32: This begins with bc1. 

These are the types of bitcoins that you can get from reliable sources based on your device for your

Valid reservoirs to get bitcoins

1. Mobile bitcoin wallets

  1. Samourai wallet
  2. Atomic wallet
  3. Guarda Wallet
  4. Coinbase wallet

 2. Hardware bitcoin wallet

Hardware bitcoin wallets are like the wallets mentioned above, only they are physical devices like portable USBs that can hold the bitcoins for a longer period. This is useful for generating a permanent bitcoin address as well. Hardware wallets are safer devices that can provide you with maximum security against theft or scam. The coins can be saved even if the hardware wallet is stolen or the computer is compromised. 

The coins can later be restored in a new hardware wallet. A critical facet about the hardware wallet is that not a single bitcoin can be moved or transferred from your wallet without the secret pin code. No trojan or other spy screen recorder can record the ongoings of your wallet. 

There are two types of popular hardware bitcoin wallets:

  1. Ledger Nano X
  2. Cobo Vault 

3. Desktop wallets

They can also generate valid addresses, but they are not secured like the hardware bitcoin wallets. Some desktop bitcoin wallets are:

  1. Atomic Wallet
  2. Exodus
  3. Bitcoin Core
  4. Electrum

Why is bitcoin address necessary

A valid bitcoin address is significant to safe-keep your bitcoins. If any mistake happens in procuring the address, all the bitcoins can get lost. If sent to the wrong address, the bitcoins can get lost in cyberspace. In any bitcoin wallet, the most important thing is the private keys associated with the address. You can fall prey to a bitcoin scam if you use a paper wallet-based bitcoin address that you have procured from someone else.

 This person can keep a copy of the private keys and if you don’t remember to sweep your address, he can take away all your bitcoins since you haven’t swept them, and hence those private keys are still valid. Sweeping of your wallet is vital because, with a sweep, you are emptying your source wallet and creating a new public address for transactions. After the sweep, your bitcoins are transferred to a new public address with new private keys encrypted and stored in your device. 


It is gradually becoming necessary for digital transactions, online marketing, and business to have a valid bitcoin address. 

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