What is telehealth?

The dawn of telecommunication has given rise to innovations in various sectors of society. One of these is healthcare, which has branched out into telehealth or telemedicine. Telehealth allows patients to consult doctors with the help of telecommunication rather than visiting them physically. Even though a simple consultation over a phone can also be counted as telehealth, it has grown to video calls and conferencing. Even though telehealth has multiple benefits attached to it, people are finding it difficult to adapt to it.

COVID-19 and telemedicine

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, the use of telemedicine has largely increased. Most countries switched to complete lockdowns of cities, which restricted citizens to their houses even in cases of emergencies. Telehealth was promoted by governments so that people could stay safe and healthy while remaining confined to their houses. If anyone is facing a health issue, they can use the facility of an online or an on-call consultation with a doctor and act accordingly. Due to the pressing needs of societies, telemedicine has grown considerably during this time with various medical breakthroughs.

How can doctors promote telehealth in patients?

As human beings, it is our nature to defy new and sudden changes in our lives. Similarly, many patients are not inclined towards using telehealth. Doctors have the ability to change these patients’ perspectives and promote telehealth. One simple way of doing this would be to incentivize the use of telehealth. A discount on healthcare expenditure is a strong incentive for people to get attracted to telemedicine.

Similarly, a detailed explanation of the benefits associated with telehealth is another method of promotion. An important aspect to notice is that many adults are not tech-savvy and find it challenging to use telehealth services. In such cases, doctors can instruct patients regarding telemedicine and give lessons on how to use it effectively. Moreover, there is a common belief that doctors available for consultation through telemedicine may not be qualified enough. To clear such doubts, renowned and experienced doctors should switch to online consultations until patients get used to it.

Benefits of using telemedicine

Telehealth might be a new term, but current circumstances have brought it in the limelight. With time, people have become more accepting of electronic forms of healthcare and are interested in trying it out. To make it common practice and increase its adoption amongst patients, highlighting its benefits are necessary. During emergencies immediate appointments are required, which can be difficult to attain in normal circumstances. Telehealth allows appointments on the spot to patients who require immediate attention from doctors. Moreover, telehealth provides patients a platform to remain in contact with their doctors and update them regarding their health. The facility of online chats and messages introduced through telemedicine makes it easier for patients to communicate with doctors and explain any health complications that they may be facing. 

The main benefit of telehealth is that patients in remote and rural areas can connect with doctors and receive healthcare in a timely fashion. All they require is an active internet connection. Even if people are traveling and face a medical emergency, they can contact their doctor to inquire about the treatment needed. Moreover, if another medical opinion is needed, telehealth allows group video calls so a patient can receive expert opinion in certain situations. 

With the advent of telehealth, prescriptions, medical records, and billing can all be carried out online. Patients can also schedule their tests online, so they do not need to wait unnecessarily. The best part is that telehealth laws have also been passed in the U.S, stating that telehealth should charge as much as in-person visitations, and insurance companies are ordered to cover these charges for patients. Once patients are told about these benefits and more, they will surely be more inclined towards this form of healthcare.  

SmartClinix and telehealth

Smartclinix aims to help people by providing them with telehealth services at home. It is designed for physicians who wish to initiate an online practice. Moreover, SmartClinix is not just about video consultations with patients, but with an inbuilt EMR and triage facility, it has become a complete virtual clinic. By becoming a part of the SmartClinix team, physicians and doctors can provide high-quality healthcare from anywhere in the world to patients sitting at home. Furthermore, mobile applications allow easy access for both doctors and patients who can easily track medical records and prescriptions on the go. SmartClinix is a telemedicine solution designed to ease the situation for physicians and patients using state of the art technology.