The customs officers of India could soon start inspecting all the import consignments from china at all the ports and airports across the country.

The step is taken is all due to the following heightened security concerns at the borders near Ladakh and Leh people familiar with the development of the products said.

A person from the development team stated that: “100 percent physical examination means a delay in clearances,”

This 100% check of imports from China could delay more than before the release of consignments, all the products would be checked by the customs officials. Non-tariff barriers possibly aimed at curbing imports from the country.

Chennai is the first ports among all the ports to follow and imply this rule to opt for such closer scrutiny of Chinese imports.

Industry insiders state that Chennai is the foremost port for the import of telecom and parts and equipment by many Chinese companies operating in the country. Industry insiders stated that it’s also the major port for the import of auto components from China.

There is no formal instruction from any government to stop clearances, but importers have not been able to secure the release of consignments, one of the people quoted above said.

An industry expert stated that: “Importers have been told that consignments need to be examined and sanitized for Covid19 with due procedures,”

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A customs official in Chennai has said that checking of all the imports or the consignments coming from China was being done as per system-generated routine checks and that individual scrutiny of each consignment would not be physically possible.

About 300 to 500 bills from China are being cleared on a daily basis at Chennai customs, which is just a chunk of the large overall numbers.